EXCLUSIVE: Priyanka Chopra's mom Madhu Chopra REVEALS her first impression of son in law Nick Jonas

Madhu Chopra speaks exclusively to PINKVILLA about Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' wedding, what was her first impression of Nick and shares her most emotional moment from the wedding. Read on.
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India's desi girl Priyanka Chopra is now married to Nick Jonas, in what can be called a fairytale wedding. The duo had a beautiful Christian wedding first on December 1, followed by a Hindu wedding ceremony the next day. Dressed drop-dead gorgeous, Priyanka's infectious smile and Nick's love filled eyes made us want to believe in true love. While we continue to gush over PeeCee, we spoke exclusively to her mother Madhu Chopra who is currently at peace after a chaotic one month, both personally and professionally.

Senior Chopra tells us that every work at the wedding seemed easy and doable because she was only influenced by Priyanka's happiness. "I was only focused on Priyanka's smile. She was so happy and that made every work so easy, so simple. Kuch pata hi nahi chala, kaise shuru hua aur khatam bhi hua (laughs)." While we all marvel over how Nick makes for the perfect guy for PeeCee today, we asked Madhu if she always felt 'he is the one' for PeeCee? Speaking about her first impression of Nick, she reveals, "The first impression, I was not very sure but by the second meeting I was very sure that this is the guy." 




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She adds, "Nick is such a gentleman, such a well mannered, well-behaved person. He is very matured in his thoughts, comes from a very very cultured family, so it was an easy match because we share similar values. They are very well brought up children. Couldn't have asked for anything better." It is no secret that Priyanka and Madhu share a very very deep bond and she even walked PeeCee down the aisle at her wedding. Ask her to share a moment which really moved her, the proud and an emotional mother said, "When she [Priyanka] told me I was supposed to walk her down the aisle and do the kanyaadan, it was the most moving thing. "


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She elaborates, "Priyanka did her first dance with Nick after marriage and then the second one she did it with me. In fact, Nick proposed that Priyanka would like to dance with you. What she would have done with her father [late Dr Ashok Chopra], she did it with me, so that was like elevating for me to another level and I was very touched."
Explaining how emotional it was for her, she laughed, "If you see all the pictures, my eyes are swollen in them."
Finally, when asked to share the one advice she gave her daughter during the wedding ceremonies, she summed it up saying, "Stay Happy Keep Happy."
Priyanka updated her name to Priyanka Chopra Jonas on Instagram on Thursday. The couple threw a grand reception in Delhi on December 4 and will be hosting another one in Mumbai on December 20. 


Priyanka is blessed with her new family In-laws/ brother in law and sister in law. they are very family oriented very bonded
family. They are very humble and sweet God fearing people.
Stay blessed Priyanka.

Ok PriNick now you can move over . slowly the media has started talking about IshaAnand's wedding now . A whole new month's onslaught of bling bling awaits us .

Kanyaadan ? Madhuji---- pl No Kanyaa, Just Dan.

Stay happy keep happy

Fake twins.

Awww. So sweet.

Nothing like the love and prayers of a mother. Love.

They’re all so happy! God bless

Seriously? We had this boring crap already ten times. PV have mercy! Meanwhile unbearable!

Genuinely feel happy for all of them. May God Bless Them.

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