EXCLUSIVE: The REAL reason why this superstar turned down two sequels of this young actor’s home production

Can you guess who the superstar and young actor in question are?
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The superstar never forgives nor forgets. He was instrumental in shaping the career of this young actor and had taken him under his wing. But today the bonds are strained between the two – the fallout being a sexy lady who is connected to the superstar’s family. While it is known to all in Bollywood that the young actor and the actress are dating each other, both have kept their relationship under wraps. But it came to the knowledge of the superstar who somehow feels the reason why his sibling’s marriage broke up was because of that and has sworn to himself that the young actor is persona non grata at his home or family events. The superstar is a man who adores his family and holds family values sacrosanct so he does not care for anybody who oversteps the boundaries.  

Now it has come to light that when the young actor’s father approached the superstar for two sequels (the earlier ones were blockbusters at the box office) for his home production, at first the superstar kept hanging the producer for months saying he had to complete his other shoots first and then finally said a flat no. But yet, when the producer has faced any kind of problem, the superstar has always been one of the first to bail him out. They share a close bond but the superstar is extremely upset with the young actor. While the superstar’s decision has hurt the producer, he has to accept it as his son is involved in the matter.

At a recent social event of a prominent Bollywood celebrity, the superstar looked through the young actor completely even as much as the junior actor hung around trying to get his attention. While other young actors danced with the superstar, the young actor stayed conspicuously away from the dance floor and preferred to hang out with his friends. Neither has this young actor been approached to be a part of the superstar’s successful shows. The cold war between the two actors is very obvious. However, the superstar remains close to other members of the young actor’s family.

If one remembers another actor had made a mistake of crossing the superstar’s path, a few years ago. Though the actor tried innumerable times to patch up with the superstar and sometimes made a public spectacle of himself, the patch-up never took place.


I find the arjun-malaika rumors hard to believe. I don't think that's what broke her marriage. Arjun still hangs out with malaika , her sister etc but not in public. They still gather together in house parties , they celebrated Arjun's aunt's birthday at karan johars place. But no one posts pics of them anymore to stop further unnecessary rumors.
Malaika and arbaaz still hang out and holiday with their son and amrita arora family and arbaaz family. Arbaaz has introduced his gf to malaikas family. Everything is cordial and friendly between them. It is not at all comparable to Arjun's situation and what Boney did.
How does this dilute what arjun went through in his childhood?? He has always been diplomatic yet honest while talking about his childhood, and never badmouthed Sri. Media did that all by themselves because it was a high profile news.

Katrina n loyal hahaha must be kidding

Guys are malaika and arjun still together?

Why is Salman mad at Arjun? It is not like the divorce has left Arbaaz heartbroken. He is over it and has moved on and so should Salman.

Malaika enjoyed having Arjun dress up as a school boy..

i personally think malaika is more to blame than arjun.
malaika was the one who was married. She was the one with kids. She should have had the sense to not enter the relationship if she truly cared for her family.... evidently she did not, and that is the case, then i think a divorce is justified.

If Malaika was to blame because she was married than why Shah Rukh (who is also married) does not get the blame for having an affair with Priyanka? Why only Priyanka gets the hate? DOUBLE STANDARDS?

Who wouldn't want to hit that.... Ataaboy Arjun

Give it a rest, fake Charlie Harper.

Hi Anil.

It's a joke that Arjun Kapoor is an actor. Plus the fact that he's with Malaika.

Is he still with her? Or have they ended it?

Arjun absolutely to blame .. How can he date Malaika,, Bhaijaans sis in law

Well, as much as Arjun was in the wrong....Any man in his shoes would have done the same for the hotness that is Malaika.

he dated arpita and then is in a relationship with her sister-in-law. malaika wasnt married.

also arjun is a hero one, hot costars arent tough to find for him.

whole thing is so irking till salman feels it is irking coz salman is worse than alll these people.

maybe jahnvi should talk some sense into arjun bhaya's head..

Salman is as much family values man as Trump is. To be fair, Arjun Kapoor kinda asked for it. To bone Salman's sister in law while dating his sister is a risky movie.

Salman is far from sainthood with his many faults ,but he & his family had supported Arjun when he was a tubby,insecure young man dating little sister Arpita Khan . It was Salman again who suggested to Arjun that he try his luck at acting & helped him out there too by getting the body beautiful (or as much beauty as is possible with Arjun). Arjun just can't carry on with the married mummy of the family & not expect strong reactions when he himself goes on & on about his lost childhood like a Michael Jackson ( when it's the same for Mallaika's son) ! And yes ,Mallaika is to blame too equally ,if not more than Arjun . It was said that Arbaaz had blamed Salman for what happened ,so there is no wonder that Salman has refused Boney (& Sri) though he may personally be cordial with them .

"holds family values sacrosanct" lmao who wrote this? Salaman has cheated on each and everyone of his Gfs. His dad has two wives. His bother has a mistress. Arbaz and Alvira are probs the only seedha ones.

arjun will regret this. salman doesn't forgive and forget easily. ask vivek oberoi and john abraham.

I don't think you understand the word loyalty...and I am not surprised at all...you are not loyal to your own country...

and ask Arijit Singh the singer

and ask Shahid Kapoor

Arjun probably cheated on arpita with malaika so in a way he hurt 2 of salmans family members

Malaika moving on with arjun is a problem because she was still married and living in the family home when she started her affair with arjun. So arjun is partly responsible for the divorce. Arbaaz has moved on but that was after his separation.

Malaika never lived in the family home. Arbaaz lived in her house

Arjun Kapoor's certainly deserves to be ignored by Salman. If Salman ignores some ppl it certainly has strong reasons.

Arbaaz himself is dating a socialite from Bandra..he confirmed it on KWK..then how is Malaika moving on an issue?!

Ummm bcoz he started dating after separation. While she did during marriage. The reason for their divorce was her sleeping around

Arjuns affair did not break that marriage..Arbaaz‘ failure and alcoholism did...Malaika moved on and Salman can’t take that one his products is now dating her bcoz that means no chance of reconciliation

Arnbaaz is anything but a failure, He is lucky to be Bhaijaans brother, he is more handsome than any of the Khans, his Dabangg 1 and Dabanng 2 were super hits, he has a beautiful son and had a beauitiful wife.. Also he is the son of Salim Khan sir

hiii arbaaz nice try

is there really a point in making this a blind item rajeev masand?!

I hope salman goes to jail for a long time. He deserves it after the people he killed

Arjuns lucky he's still a kapoor so he can't be ruined. If he was an outsider salman would make sure he'd get no offers and he'd have to leave the industry

Arjun is mirror copy of Boney. They are rich spoiled brats who go from women to women. Same is Ranbir Kapoor. They deserve a bully like Salman. Its called Karma.

Salman is worse. he admitted that his engagements broke up coz he cheated, and then the abuse. ... when is salman khan going to face karma.

Salman cheated really? One has to be in a relationship to cheat. He has been in open relationships and his girls even know that. His karma is blockbusters which has came by helping people in need.

Very well said.. Bhai jaan is loyal to his supporters . Ask Bobby Deol, Katrina Kaif, Daisy Shah and Jacquilene Fernandez and Huma's brother

Only someone who is honest will admit all of this on camera that too whilst your a superstar. There is only one thing Salman gets credit for and that is he is not fake. Unlike Ranbir Arjun Varun etc.

That’s true salman doesn’t care about image building and that’s why he get a lot of flak for always being truthful.

why is malaika considered as an actress?

why would arjun do that after what happened to his own family?..and people call Salman arrogant for not forgiving him..well ask this question did arjun forgive Sri for breaking up his family?..although it was his father who went after her relentlessly and even left his children not only his wife and yet arjun was mad at Sri and he is okey with his father then y should Salman forgive him for breaking up his nephew's family?...Salman has every right to feel betrayed by arjun because he was very close to him not arbaaz just like sohail felt betrayed by vivek because he was his close friend and not Salman...but even in this situation people still blame Salman and call him arrogant and trouble maker..yeah right because he was the one to tell arjun to have an affair with a married woman and break his brother's home (if the reports are true)...though it's hard for some people to believe this but it's not always Salman's fault sometimes it's the other person.. pv please post..

I pity Arjun despite having looks hes reaching 35 now and age matters a lot in Show biz. he better look for alternative careers .

looks?? seriously??!!

Arjun turns 33 this year. And since when does a man's age matter in Bollywood?

Arjun turns 33 this year. And age just matters for women in bollywood.

Agreed. SRK is a prime example.

Malaika has guts though. Had an affair with her sister-in-law's boyfriend under her husband's roof. I know Arbaaz is not a saint and must have cheated too but come on, this was too close to home. I'm shocked they still have some sort of relationship with her

true..arpita even invited the arora sister's for her son'sbday to maldives..&the sissy's are always tagging along to their family get together's&holidays..dont really understand..

The reason is malaika still being the mother of Arbaaz’s child. Also Salman forgiving Kat is because he is an emotional fool he forgives women when they cry and narrate sob stories.

Very true!!

Salman only have issues with men and never forgives them. but he always forgive women. Strange. World knows how Kat treated and hurt him still he forgives her.

Why Arjun fails to find a unmarried woman?

Arjun Kapoor is such thankless guy. It was Salman who encouraged him to lose weight and join movies. And he goes ahead & have extra marital affair with malaika and also breaks his brother's marriage. Inspite of the fact that he dated arpita in past.
salman is right. Feel bad for boni Kapoor

Why feel bad for Boni ..Didn't he do the same for which you are criticizing Arjun ?

Malaika is a grown woman, she's a decade older to Arjun. Blaming only Arjun for the affair is unfair. And Salman Khan has no right to judge anyone. He cheats on one girlfriend after wedding cards have been printed, beats up another, is in his 50s and has never been able to commit to any woman. And let's not talk about his court cases. He is a huge star but the lowest of humans

How did people only blamed sridevi while boney was behind her and he said he was behind her but still people blame sridevi

Well I made the comment about malaika being equally to blame and for the record I never blamed Sridevi. Just like I blame SRK, not priyanka. It's always the married person's responsibility because they are the ones committed to their spouse

Arjun malaika Salman....no enter sequel

Producer:- Boney Kapoor
Superstar:-Salman Khan
Young actor:- Arjun Kapoor.
Younger brother:-Arbaaz Khan

Salman, arjun, boney. Hmm arjun’s affair with malaika...

Salman and Arjun Kapoor

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