EXCLUSIVE: Sanjay Dutt liked Sunny Leone's performance; people are just jealous of her - Bhoomi's Producer Sandeep Singh

3 years ago  |  1.2M
Sanjay Dutt is all set to make his comeback with Omung Kumar's Bhoomi and the film has been in news ever since it was announced. Just three days back, Bhoomi made headlines when the reports came that Sanjay want Sunny Leone's song Trippy Trippy to be trimmed as it was vulgar and didn't go with the flow of the film. 
Well, we got in touch with Sandeep Singh (producer) and he quashed all the reports and stated that people shouldn't be playing such games as the reports are baseless. On these lines, he EXCLUSIVELY told us, "First of all, one girl who has come from outside and is trying to make her mark in Bollywood and she has done it in a successful way in such a competitive industry. And when she is doing good, everyone is after her that she should be out of Bollywood and other people get the chance. You don't have to play such games and this is the first time we get to see her dance in such a way that people getting jealous of her. Despite talking about her dancing skills, people are saying that Sanjay Dutt is unhappy."
He went on to add, "Are Sanjay Dutt, Omung Kumar, Bhushan Kumar and I fools? Didn't we sit down and talk about the plot? The song is very much the part of the film and is not a promotional thing. It goes very well in the film and it's very important to the plot. I am not desperate about commercialization. Sunny rehearsed for the song two weeks continuously. When we were editing, Baba came to the room and said 'I have never met her, can you connect me with her?' and he spoke to her and said, 'What a performance and we should meet soon' and she also said that she would meet him. They talked to each other respectably. I don't why such reports are coming. It shows that people are just jealous of her."
Bhoomi will be clashing with Shraddha Kapoor's Haseena Parkar. The producers feel it shouldn't be called a CLASH. Talking about it, he said, "There is no clash between Haseena Parkar and Bhoomi. We all are desperate for dates as there are not many. Everyone is jumping over each other and in Bollywood, we don't have many Fridays and movies will clash. On the very same day, Newton is also releasing and all the three are good films. Don't call it a clash. I hope everything works for the film. Right now, because of GST, Censor, Piracy and 'Notebandhi', the industry is going through a rough patch."
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Anonymous : God knows how much 'compromising' she had to do to bag these item-songs. Everyone knows how sleazy the industry is...
REPLY 7 3 years ago
Anonymous : Such an annoying song...
REPLY 11 3 years ago
Anonymous : sunny is really pretty..but do you think if she keeps doing just item songs will she ever grow in terms of her work portfolio??dont think she looked vulgar..the song is average at best.
REPLY 5 3 years ago
Anonymous : They have song like this where they objectify women, that too on a film which supposed to be speaking about 'women's pride and liberation'. How fake these film-makers are. Gosh.
REPLY 25 3 years ago
Anonymous : Its a really really bad looking song in a long time she has no grace of a dancer but os willing to wear any coustume and dance on any lyrics whoch is good enough for producers
REPLY 18 3 years ago
Anonymous : Its one of the most cringe worthy crass song and dance in a long time
REPLY 18 3 years ago