EXCLUSIVE: Soni Razdan on rumours about Alia Bhatt - I would rather read a book than just gossip

Soni Razdan will be sharing screen with daughter Alia Bhatt in Meghna Gulzar's Raazi. We got in touch with Soni and asked how does she react to the rumours that pop up about her daughter.
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Soni Razdan is a proud mother and feels that her daughter Alia Bhatt is doing all to prove her mettle as an actor. We got in touch with Soni and asked her that with success in the industry comes the ugly part of gossip, how does she react to the rumours that pop up about her daughter. 
On this, she told us, "I don't read them only. I don't react now and honestly, I feel there's no reason for me to react at all. She is now an adult and not a kid anymore. We all are a part of this industry and now, I have stopped reacting. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I read and sometimes I don't read it at all. I would rather read a book than just gossip. I can't say that I am stupid and I am unaware about it." 
Talking about Alia's cinematic career, she said, "I think her journey has been unusual as she has made unusual choices. Student Of The Year was a commercial type of a film, I would say a typical Bollywood film and that platform was great. She could have probably continued doing more of the same and what's interesting is that she has chosen not to do it and went the other route. What's more interesting is that the other stuff is being written and I find it wonderful. These are a different kind of films and roles that are giving the opportunity to not only her but other actors. I am so happy that she is one of those people who is sticking her neck out and is taking risks. Not that Raazi is a risk, I am generally saying. See Highway, it was a complete contrast. It was a huge change. The very fact that she has gone that route has proved to me that she is a born actress." 
When we asked about her role in Raazi as she was there in the trailer for only a second, she said, ""I know, it's not there only (laughs). I am very much there in the film and I am playing Alia's mother. I am reacting to all that's happening and it's pretty clear from the trailer to what's going around. It's very traumatic for any mother to see her daughter go through any sort of hardships."
Raazi is based on Harinder Sikka’s book Calling Sehmat, a fictionalised take on the real story of an Indian woman who married a Pakistani man to spy for India. 

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Randeep Hooda was sooooooo much better than Alia in Highway but he was sidelined because he isn't a star kid with a sugar daddy like Karan

Again why does she talk about her being unconventional and unusual. She’s doing films offered to her and majority coming from dharma. She’s being mentored. I don’t think choosing good movies and good scripts is a hard task. She’s offered and given those opportunities, why would she not do them. Srsly put another talented actress in her shoes, and see what they could do. I don’t get the hype. Actresses like anushka sharma hardly get credit for what they do, she is someone who has set up a production house and has done a film like pari. That is unconventional!

True but I guess every mom thinks her kid is special

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