EXCLUSIVE: Sui Dhaaga director Sharat Katariya: Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma are smart actors

We got in touch with the Sui Dhaaga director Sharat Katariya to know his expectations from the film. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla, we asked how was it working with the lead actors - Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma.
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Just three day are left for the release of Sui Dhaaga and there's a certain sort of excitement in people to watch Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma play the character of Mauji and Mamta. Before the film hit the screens and people get to watch it, we got in touch with director Sharat Katariya to know his expectations for the film and how was it working with the lead actors. 
When we asked him about his expectations from the film, he grinned and answered, "I have simple expectations from the film and you can't ask more than people liking your film. We went to the real locations and let me tell you that filmmaking is an easy job. I just met real people and they were an inspiration for the film. The challenge was to make it as a real as possible."
Well, every writer needs an inspiration for his story. We were wondering what was Sharat's muse for Sui Dhaaga. On this, he told us, "I saw a tailor on the street under a tree and I called up Maneesh Sharma (Producer of Sui Dhaaga) and said let's make a film on him. We will call it Sui Dhaaga and it's a story of a husband and wife coming together in process of this struggle. There was no head banging on thinking about the title."
Further, into the conversation, we asked him how was it working with the lead pair. It's the first time the two have worked together and both are stellar actors. Stating his experience of working with the two bankable stars, Sharat told us, "Varun was trained by Shoojit Sircar for me. I am really glad that he did October and then came to me. The whole calmness and composure in Varun came because of October and that worked in the favour of the film. Anushka, I knew and I have seen her work. It's great when people were ready to put their best efforts for the film. They both are very smart actors per se. They read the script and they knew what their characters demanded from them. In fact, Varun after reading the script told me 'stitching toh seekhna padega as original lagna chahiye'. They had a deeper understanding of it."
How could have we NOT asked Sharat about the popular Anushka memes which went viral post the trailer hit the web. Well, Sharat too found them funny. He told us, "I found them funny and my favourite was that of Mario and I had put it up too. For the longest time, I kept resisting them thinking that Anushka would feel bad about it. After a point, I just couldn't control. People were thinking that we were making it (laughs)."
Both Varun and Anushka's characters are de-glam and have a desi touch to it. "Before they became actors, they were de-glamorous only. They just had to be what they were before they were huge stars. Anushka comes from an Army background and while growing up, she was pretty simple same as Varun. Everyone has a real side to themselves and they just had to explore it," Sharat said.
We told him that trailer went viral and asked him what was his reaction on it. Well, to much surprise, the director had no idea that the trailer got such a response. "I have no clue about it and has it gone really that viral. I am glad that it happened. I was busy finishing up the movie and I had no idea about what was happening in the world," added Sharat. 
Talking of Sui Dhaaga, the film has that simplicity that people can connect to. We asked about the current wave of content-driven films being appreciated more often these days. On this, he told us, "Content is the king. The trend has been there and it's not about the numbers. Good films are always appreciated and people watch them. In our country, even bad films do well at the box office."
On an ending note, we asked him that those three golden points that viewers can expect in Sui Dhaaga. "It's a funny film. It's surely inspiring and people would connect to it," Sharat ended the conversation and signed off. 

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