EXCLUSIVE: Sui Dhaaga producer Maneesh Sharma: Varun & Anushka have submissively worked to be Mauji and Mamta

Before the release of Sui Dhaaga, we got to meet the producer of the film, Maneesh Sharma. He got candid about how was it working with Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma and the concept of stars backing the film. Read the full interview.
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Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma are stellar actors and there's no denying this fact. If Varun has delivered power-packed performances in Badlapur and October, Anushka has done a marvellous job in NH 10 and Pari. Both Anushka and Varun, on their levels, have made a mark in the industry and enjoy a huge fan following. When the news came that two have been paired for Sharat Katariya's Sui Dhaaga, there was a certain level of curiosity in the fans to see this fresh jodi on the silver screen. Today, the film has hit the screens and the reviews are in the favour and the viewers are liking Varun and Anushka in the characters of Mauji and Mamta. 
Before the release of the film, we got to meet the producer of the film, Maneesh Sharma. As soon as we started conversing, the very first question that we popped was that what were the main reasons that the makers have invested in the film. On this, he told us, "When we discussed the idea, Sharat Katriya and I realized that we have an interesting script and a partly relevant story that can be told. And that's the reason enough to back a film. First and foremost, the characterization in the script and the thought of self-reliance and most importantly dignity of labour. I would say the story, characters and it's family entertainer and we wanted to take it forward. The film talks about the large section of our country. As a filmmaker or producer, these things are important and whether it's going to be accepted, it's at a later stage."
Further, into the conversation, we asked him that do stars add to the impact of a better box office collection or it's the content that matters more. Explaining his understanding of the whole idea to us, he said, "I feel stars can ensure box office only if the film is good. Of course with stars, there is a fan base and there is excitement. But, we have seen in the last 4 or 5 years, first is surely the content and the story. This year if you see, films that are not star-driven have done a good business and not saying the star-driven films haven't, they too have done humungous numbers. Stree or Sonu Ki Titu Ki Sweety, both did well. Talking of Alia Bhatt's Raazi, it raked in around Rs 120 crores and on the other hand, we have Ranbir Kapoor's Sanju that did well too. The audience is now there for content and is rooting for characters. It's an exciting paradigm shift for both the audience and filmmakers. Even if you have stars on board, you can't get away with a bad film." Well, that's a strong statement to make. 
Maneesh has earlier worked with Anushka but this is the first time he has to work with Varun in the professional space. Sharing his experience of working with the two actors, he said, "My experience is a little different because I have not visited the sets. Of course, when we were prepping for the film, there was an interaction. My main interaction with them was at the time of post-production. I have not worked with Varun before but I have worked with Anushka. With Anushka, it was a different equation altogether and I have known her since the time of Rab Ne Banadi Jodi. Varun is an amazing guy and I love him. In terms of their commitment, it's out in front that how submissively they have worked to be Mauji and Mamta. I think Sui Dhaaga will be their finest work."
For any film, the trailer becomes that reference point for the audience to whether they will watch the film or not. As soon as the trailer hit the web, it went viral. We asked Maneesh if he was expecting such a response. On this, he told us, "I was hoping for that response. I think everybody hopes for a positive reception definitely of the trailer because it's the biggest driver of whether people will come to the theatres or not. I did feel we have a decent trailer and there are no expectations. You just hope for the best."
These days, the marketing and promotional strategy of any film does come to play. Talking about the promotional strategy of Sui Dhaaga, he told us, "In terms of the promotion strategy of the film, we are honestly and genuinely talking about the skilled labour in the film. Even before the filming began, we were clear about the fact that this film is not about marketing with the stars. It has a lot of relevance and you have to have a certain dignity and hopefully, people that we are talking about in the narrative, we could connect them with these city tours. It's more to do with the 'karigari' of that city." 
"Our idea was to take away the lens of film marketing. Those were the real artisans and the logo was the noble thought. The whole idea was to connect with the skilled labour and that was our marketing strategy," Maneesh said and signed off. 

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Varun's first flop after his other first flop 'October'...many flops but Kjo's PR will call it average hit and masses will believe. Truth is...I saw this coming. BORING trailer boring film.

Varun truly has no looks,no class and no acting skills

People are leaving cinema the movie is so dull

Sui Dhaaga what a waste. Full of overacting. boring movie.FLOP

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