EXCLUSIVE: Sussanne Khan shares why she didn't enter the Bollywood industry; Read Details

Sussanne Khan, the ex-wife of Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan shared as to why she didn't enter the film industry besides the family background she has. The interior designer said that 'Acting didn't attract me'.
News,Sussanne KhanEXCLUSIVE: Sussanne Khan shares why she didn't enter the Bollywood industry; Read Details
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Sussanne Khan is famous for her fine skills as an interior designer. She was married to Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan for 14 long years. However, they got divorced in the year 2014. They are parents to two sons namely Hridhaan and Hrehaan. Sussanne is the daughter of the actor, director and producer Sanjay Khan. She appears to be a strong and independent woman through her social media handles. Apart from having an influential Bollywood family and growing up around movies, she didn’t pursue a career in Bollywood.

When asked on BFFs with Vogue, which will tune on Colors Infinity, as to why she didn’t enter the Bollywood industry, Sussanne said, "Since I was 5, I was bitten by the bug of designing. It was all around me in my home. I used to have architectural digest magazines. My mum used to be an interior designer in those days. I was 5 years old when I used to go with her on sites and I fell in love with the world of color and design. I was obsessed with that world. I wanted to be a part of that world. Acting is equally a tough job but it didn’t attract me. 
She further added, "I can’t do something if it doesn’t attract me 100%. I am all in or nothing. There was no question of not going in designing. That’s when I explored, studied, went to LA and came back when I met a superstar boy who was not a superstar at that time, but was one in my eyes when I met him. But before this I didn’t realize I didn’t have any interest in the film world. But destiny gets me back that way. I love the films and the industry, but I am so happy being where I am in my profession."


Her eyes are so droopy who would have cast her in any movie besides one has to have acting talent too, her brother Zayed couldn't act his way out of a paper bag though he tried but looks is one thing but talent is a lot harder, she has none, good she stuck to designing.

I don't think there's a lot of roles for skeletons. Horror films usually just use cgi technology. They wouldn't need a real-life skeleton.

why would we want to see this white ghost act ??

I see so hate to this beautiful woman why she is so sweet very talented lady. God bless you Sussanne

Well, good that she followed what she wanted. And seems to be decent at her work too

She shud learn from Mehr Jessia and Reena. Why grabbing limelight for no reason all the time. She divorced him. Good for her. Now, no need to rake up the past. Let the man move on.

Kangana PR bashing Suzzane for looks. Atleast she hasnt done surgeries neither stalk and harassed married men like kangana.

Torch bearer of fake feminism psycho kangana is here and abusing woman and then went in cry no one support women. Please support the gender.

Women bashing a woman out of jealousy and hate and then say support women and talk about feminism. Double standards.

Why would PV suddenly ask her that? Clearly it is work of her PR

Just being fair is not enough. She has very bad features. Especially eyes. Hrithik's own troubled childhood led him to fall into her trap else he was way out of his league even if he was not a star when he met. He was always a Handsome guy

Her father was himself a Flop and Bad actor. Cannot remember a single film of his except his TV show. If they had that much influence, Zayed n Fardeen would have been successful.

She is the only Non Filmy Wife who keeps using media to stay in news. She loves Media attention clearly

She didn't like it, and probably she wasn't good. If she had a natural ability, then she surely would have been an actress. I mean, like Hrithik is just naturally talented and naturally good-looking, so he rose to be a top actor... but Zayed Khan was pushed down as "the it-guy" like that for several years, and she surely would have too.

Hrithik is not natural but a retard. Below average actor. Sure he looks good but that’s not a talent. All I give him credit for is knowing how to dance.

Because in those times you had to have or look or talent. She have none of that

Good she went for her passion

She is just lucky that Hrithik was blind in love to fall for her. Else, she is the worst looker of all her siblings

If she was young in today’s age Karan Johar would have given her a debut and shoved her down our throats. Post it PV

KJo could still do that as an Aunty character

Spared us by not acting !

Cuz she is not cute

Nobody cares. She never had the looks or personality for it.

Nobody would have accepted her as an actress with that zombie skin tone and droopy eyes.

Or maybe cos she didn’t have a face for making it? I mean her eyes are a bit queer

She is an excellent designer and the best among bollywood stars wives. She is honest and true to herself and people working with her, she always gives credit to the final peojects to the whole team working with her and her designs have her own signature and are not copied from pinterest website. Maybe because she studied designing in LA so she has a strong background

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