EXCLUSIVE Vicky Kaushal: The funniest response I got for Manmarziyaan was, 'So Kamli finally got ghapaghap'

Recently, Pinkvilla met the man of the hour Vicky Kaushal for an EXCLUSIVE interaction. The talented actor spoke at length about Manmarziyaan, Anurag Kashyap, Sanju and more.
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The year 2018 started with a bang for Vicky Kaushal! The talented actor starred in Netflix original film titled Love per Square Foot. Then he went on to play Alia Bhatt's husband and Pakistani military officer Iqbal Syed in Raazi. Soon after that, we saw Vicky in Lust Stories, where he starred in Karan Johar's directorial. Thereafter came Sanju and Vicky left a lasting impact by playing the role of Sanjay Dutt aka Ranbir Kapoor's best friend Kamli. Now, people are excited to see Vicky as a vibrant and flamboyant Punjabi Munda in his just-released movie, Manmarziyaan.

In the film, helmed by Anurag Kashyap, Vicky will be seen alongside Abhishek Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu. People have been raving about Vicky's hairdo and were impatient to see what's in store this time for Vicky who imbibes a never-seen-before avatar. In an EXCLUSIVE chat with Pinkvilla, the talented actor spoke at length about his working relationship with Anurag over the years, Sanju changing his game as an actor and more.



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Excerpts from the interview...

2018 has been the busiest year for you. How happy and excited are you for the way your career is shaping up so far?

I am very happy and grateful. For me, being on the sets of a film is like being in paradise. That's where I want to be 365 days, a year. I am feeling very fortunate that I am getting to live that life, getting to work with a wonderful filmmaker and a wonderful team. It's indeed a blessing.

Did you always wish to become an actor?

Nothing like that. It was not on the forefront, subconsciously it was always there, as I was always active on the stage, but not in a serious way. I was a part of fancy dress competitions, skits and dance competitions. I used to love doing nautanki. It used to liberate me as a shy, coy boy and I used to feel I can do anything. Eventually, that came on the forefront after my graduation and I just followed my heart.

What do you have to say about the love and response you have been receiving this year?

You really feel validated as an actor because you are putting in a lot of effort and hard work to make them feel, 'he is doing a different work', exploring different territories. To register that and to feel that is an amazing feeling. The funniest feedback I got for the Manmarziyaan trailer was, 'So Kamli finally got ghapaghap!'. 

Did you have any apprehensions before donning that hairdo for the film?

I was the most excited! When Anurag sent me a picture of a guy who had blue hair, I was so excited and jumping 'Yeh kab kar rahe ho?!' Anurag said if we do it now, everyone in Mumbai will see it, so I did that one night before we headed to Punjab. In real life, you don't get that opportunity to go that wild, now I had the platform and the medium where I could do it for a reason. Even on the sets, I have to maintain that hairdo, and Taapsee used to joke that I am the film's heroine. I used to take more than an hour to get ready. It was a life I was enjoy living because Vicky Kaushal can't live that life. Now, I am missing it and I thought should I do it again for the promotions. But I was shooting for Uri, so can't do it.

How was the working relationship with Anurag Kashyap?

It's a beautiful journey. The journey has been from me seeing Anurag as a mentor to seeing him as a friend now. It has been a beautiful and organic transition. With Anurag Sir, I feel that every time I collaborate with him in whatever capacity, I discover something new in me. That's why I pray that once in every 4-5 years, I should get an opportunity to work with him because there's a rebirth in me as an actor. When I work with him every time, I don't know what's in store, even if I have worked with him before.

Abhishek Bachchan returned to the movies after a sabbatical. So, how was it working with him?

It was beautiful, he is deadly and a chivalrous guy. He is a senior too and he is somebody who wants to respect people around him. I have followed his work, I have enjoyed watching him in Guru, Bluffmaster, Bunty Aur Babli, Yuva and many other films. He said a very beautiful thing to me, 'You know, our parents have worked really hard over the years and we are getting the fruits of their blessings.' Now, we are getting to work together on a film, let's make the most of it. 

How did you and Taapsee break the ice on the sets?

It happened by itself. We instantly hit it off and we became like college buddies. We shared anything and everything with each other. We will just tap each other and say 'Aur kya haal hai?' We used to sit together and have lunch where we kept on chit-chatting. Sometimes we used to do hair and makeup in the same room. There was no ice to break when it came to performing these scenes or anything. At times, we used to hog on kulche chole, then we used to go, kiss and come back to our kulche chole. The whole team looked like 4-5 students hanging out after bunking classes. That was the energy on the sets, it was amazing, it didn't feel like a burden or work.



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Do you think Sanju has changed your entire career path as an actor?

Before Sanju I was following my heart, today also I am the same person. At least that hasn't changed and I hope it doesn't change. I feel the perception and the reach has changed a bit because I have reached out to a wider audience before. The relatability has also changed and people call you by your character name. Before that, I was the Masaan guy, not necessarily that they need to know who Vicky Kaushal is. But now they know you by their name. It feels like your work has been appreciated, I feel I would love to keep myself as contaminated as possible as an actor. 


Kamli Kamli Kamli... so sick of it

He's got a really big nose.

They are trying so hard to make Sanju/Kamli happen! That movie is a shame!

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