EXCLUSIVE: Zeeshan Ayyub on Zero: If SRK or Salman take risks, people still want to see them in same pattern

We got in touch with Zeeshan Ayyub who plays the role of Shah Rukh Khan aka Bauua Singh's friend in Aanand L Rai's Zero to know his take on the mixed response by the audience.
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Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma's film has finally hit the screens yesterday, and some liked it, while others did not. There's a mixed sort of response that the movie has been getting from the audience and critics. The movie has SRK playing Bauua Singh who is vertically challenged but is full of life and loves to experiment. This is the first time that we have seen a Bollywood superstar play this kind of a role. It is an experimental move by SRK. We got in touch with Zeeshan Ayyub who plays the role of Bauua Singh's friend in Aanand L Rai's Zero to know his take on the mixed response by the audience. 

On this, he told us, "See, I think Aanand and Himanshu have taken a risk as they wanted to do something apart from the regular films. I believe that's the best part of art that it's loved by some people and if you don't feel connected, you don't like it. But, people are appreciating it, at least the kind of response I am getting. It's a journey and I guess some people are ready to take a ride on that car and some are not. I am not too much affected by the idea that some people are not liking it. I think you should have trust in your art, as I always say. They have tried something new and I appreciate it a lot that at least they are people who are trying to experiment with their screenplay and getting into the fantasy zone." 
Then, we mentioned to him that it is a pattern that we have noticed whenever Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan attempt to break the monotony and try something new, people don't accept or appreciate it. Zeeshan agreed to it and said, "I agree with you and that's the most unfortunate part. We keep on saying that we are tired of watching a particular kind of cinema. This year some great films came and this was because someone was ready to take that risk." 
"If Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan are taking any risk, people are like they want to watch them in the same pattern. Then, we keep on complaining that they work in similar kind of films. It's kind of hypercritic statement and I think we should keep trying or else we won't ever be able to break through," he said and signed off. 

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Taking a risk and wanting the audience to cherish it is one thing, taking a risk wanting to show off/make money is another. SRK was in the first type early in his career - like in Dil Se. It didnt make money, but became a classic over the years - everything from story to screenplay to music was top notch - Jiya Jale, Satrangi and Chaiyya are unparalleled even today. But off late - Raaees, RaOne and now,Zero are all in the second category. Its like," Look, Im doing something different, so come pay money and watch my movie"

Hello bollywood ould go bankrupt if they thought let's not think about money. It's a creative industry but it is an industry. And if itvwent just there would be no movies artsy or not.

Nope, Zero was NOT a risk-taking movie, it was just cleverly disguised as one. You have SRK and Anushkha playing characters with disabilities, Katrina doing a Cocktail Veronica like role and throw in some VFX so you can claim you are doing something "different" and hoping that is what critics will latch onto. But people are smarter. There is no getting around the fact that you still had SRK play a 30 something bachelor, Anushka is in full makeup / styling in a very inaccurate portrayal of Cerebral Palsy (they've cherry picked the parts of the illness so that she can claim disabled but still glamorous, all the while ignoring the real life problems these patients face) and on top of everything - for all the reviews about her finally "acting" you still had to rely on Katrina's item songs. And the space stuff was downright stupid. After all their claims of risk taking- at heart, it is still the stupid Bollywood masala formula everyone is sick of

Actually, Zero is not SRK taking a risk as an actor, but as a producer, working with VFX and a quirky script with things not typically seen in Indian cinema, giving a voice to people with various disabilities and taking the setting to Bollywood all the way to space. But as an ACTOR, he is still afraid to ever have his characters be aged his real age or fray from two models, the immature rascal (Raj, Rahul, Arjun, Ajay, Bauaa...) or the mature protector (Harry, Kabir, Mohan, Veer...). Someone should dare all 3 Khans to pick scripts for each other and do each other's roles for a while. Shahrukh Khan should do a full-out action movie like Tiger, Aamir should do a love story, he hasn't in forever, and Salman should do a movie with REAL stars like Anushka and Katrina instead of D-list Race stars.

Risks were taken teams of films like- Gangs Of Waseypur, Dum Laga Ke Haisha, Badhaai Ho, Queen, Fukrey, Karwaan. Maybe some didn't become huge hits, but whoever went into the theatre to watch them came out feeling entertained.

the comment above explains my thoughts exactly. So thank you for writing.

The problem is when Shahrukh decides he will experiment but does not get out Shahrukh Khan out of the character.Experiement with looks,experiment with style just because u r short(ZERO) or look young(FAN) does not make that an experiment. Still waving arms out as that is your style making the same facial expressions etc.what are you experimenting? How you will look shorter,in underwear in Times Square is that really an experiment.Loved Anoushka,Katrina, Zeeshan and all supporting actors.

Take risks with a good script and a good direction and watch the wonders at the boxoffice. Trying different things doesn't mean success. Doing good movies brings you success.

zeeshan these films may involve risk but they are BAD. no-one pays to go watch risks in the cinema...we pay to watch good cinema. aamir has managed to take successful risks so far in the industry quite consistently.. TOH was his least risky outing if anything, but it was plain bad.

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