Guess Who: This actress left an entire film crew irritated with her daily tantrums on set

With so many actors being blamed for their high handed behaviour on the sets, this sultry diva shocked everyone with her rude demeanour. Can you guess who we're talking about?
Guess Who: This actress left an entire film crew irritated with her daily tantrums on setGuess Who: This actress left an entire film crew irritated with her daily tantrums on set
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Stars and their tantrums are not something that's a new point of discussion in the industry. There are several instances of actors behaving a little arrogant or snooty on the sets or during promotions. While some are caught on camera, many go unnoticed because they happen behind closed doors. This is one such incident which took place when an entire crew was stationed in a different city altogether. 

No, the shoot was not happening in Mumbai. Instead, the actress who's known for her Indian avatars and her roles in desi dramas, was shooting with an actor who she has worked with in two films already. It so happened that every day, there was tension on sets right before the actress would arrive. Why? Previously, the same actress was in news for throwing a cup of chai at one of her teammates. During this shoot schedule, the first few days were fine but the actress came into her usual avatar soon after as she could be heard screaming and shouting at her managers and her team of spotboys. 

The people on the set was shocked at her behaviour as the diva otherwise maintains a very sadharan demeanour. But behind closed doors when the camera isn't rolling, she's a completely different human being. This came as a rude shock to many since her last film tanked without a trace. On the other hand, the actor who has been delivering hits back to back, was one of the warmest people on the sets. The shoot has been wrapped up but the actress will be back in the same city to shoot another film, which has her playing a strong role in a love triangle, that also happens to be a remake of a cult classic. 

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Without even reading I can say it has to be Kangana. Psycho always creating problems everywhere

Bhumi is so annoying when she gives interviews. Super cringy fake accent and body language. It’s been reported previously also that she is difficult to work with for those who are lower order to her.

I liked bhumi in dam laga ke....started following her but the her snob aatitude made me cringe so hard.

Who is this Bhumi Pednekar? She does not belong in Bollywood

Not long before her so called 'career' will tank.

It’s Bhumi for sure, have heard about her terrible behavior towards fans as well

It's definitely Bhumi, she keeps doing movies with Ayushman. There were constantly rumors before of her being a huge diva, but I thought it was maybe from other people threatened by talented outsiders like how they kept attacking Sushant. But idk, a lot of rumors now. It's a lot easier for the girls from nothing to get a diva rep.

Literally no one...No threatened by Sushant in the film industry...... Maybe the serial actors will since it wont be to long till he lands back there

Who are you to decide his destiny??? God. Stop pretending to be and have some shame instead of pulling self made talent down for no reason. Sonchiriya was a good film and nobody can take that away from him not his talent. He will get blockbuster success and critical acclaim with both Chhichore and Dil Bechara so it's best for you to worry about your own damn life

He is never doing TV. He has films lined up and unfortunately for haters like you there are plenty of people who want to work with him

Enough clues in this to indicate that it's Bhumi.

Dunno if the blind is true or paid for by a rival but fact is she's super annoying. I will never be a fan.


Rani Mukherjee, she was referred as Tantrum Queen in media during the 2000s

Rani was always a professional and loved by everyone. Trashwarya was known as the annoying Tantrum Queen laughing like a lunatic in 90s and 2000s and even now..

Bhumi Pednekar. 2 movies she has done with Ayushman (Dum Laga kay haisha and shubh mangal savdhan). Movie that is going to remade (pati, patni or woh)

Bhumi all th way!

Bhumi Pednekar!

If there was no answer at the end, why did u write the article?!!!! Irritated now!

deepika and ranveer

Bhumi Pednekar


Bhumi and Ayushman

Bhumi- written all over it!

Bhumika pednekar and Ayushman Khurana being the nice guy.

Bhumi Pednekar
Ayushmaan Khurrana

Bhumi pednekar

Who is it

Jaya Bachchan



Swara bhaskar

Bhoomi Badenker (or whatever her name is)


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