Guess Who: Producer makes this unprofessional acting couple apologise for abusing a senior unit member

Can you guess who the unprofessional acting couple and producer are?
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Starry tantrums are a part and parcel of the movie world and the behind-the-scenes crew bear the major brunt of it. But, there is only so much one can endure said tantrums. The actress, in question this time, is someone who was well known for her unprofessional behaviour in the past by ditching an event organiser. Surprisingly, now, her partner is following her footsteps and mirroring her actions as well. 

During a shooting of a film, in which the two are starring, the duo drove a senior unit member mad and he even walked out of the set, not before telling the actress to go to hell! However, the actress' partner went a step further and abused the unit member in front of the whole unit. 

Much to the dismay of the duo, the unit member was a well respected and key member to the film and hence the producer, a big name from the music world, made the actress' partner apologise and then requested the senior member to return to the shoot. 

Can you guess who we are talking about? Let us know your guesses in the comments below.


The cheapsters Bipasha and that no-good husband of hers!

Amitabh and Jaya

Especially when they are spectacularly out of work, they still can show attitude and treat people badly. It’s good that the producer made them apologise, they deserve far worse.

The power couple of Bollywood...kangana and pancholi...

Fawad and's a known fact that this two are classless and arrogant...especially Fawad...

It doesn’t say husband it says partner

Why was ONLY KSG made to apologize? Should have made the tantrum queen 'Bipasha' also to apologize

can these people even afford to throw tantrums??..i dnt think anyone wants to see them in movies..anymore..why is mika wasting his money..karan grover is not cut out for bollywood mainstream&bips cant run a movie on her shoulders..

Wow, I never known Bips to act like this, she is the most less shadiest and professional compare to Aish,PC snd others!! I dont know if it's true or what!!

KSG & his current wife . There was stuff earlier about how Bipasha walked off some event in London at the last minute . He is not even important enough to act like an idiot & expect to get away with it.

kareena you should have told us why u hated bipasha from the begining. now I understand.

Bipasha Basu and her dildo Karan Singh Grover

Lol!! Lol!!! Lol!!!!

Alia and RK, senior bacchan

Bipasha and Karan?

Bipasha and KSG. They are starring in a movie produced by Mika Singh.


Bipasa Basu and KSG

Bipasha karan

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