EXO members bring the party to town in 'Sci Fi meets K pop vibe' with upbeat comeback, Don't Fight The Feeling

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EXO pose for the concept photo of Don't Fight The Feeling (Pic credit - SM Entertainment)

EXO's much-awaited comeback is finally here! Ever since the teaser announcement a couple of weeks back, it is as if fans' collective excitement shot through Earth, into the Outerspace! EXO's comeback is a special one for many reasons - it is the group's ninth debut anniversary comeback album, their first comeback since OBSESSION in 2019, all the members partook in making and creating the album (even if some of them aren't in the music video), and of course, our favourite Lay rejoins his squad on this special occasion!

Ever since EXO members released their concept photos, there have been wild theories and speculations regarding the concept of the album. According to a popular fan theory uploaded onto community site, theqoo, EXO traces this concept back to their roots, the inception of everything - Exoplanet. They all are 'celestial beings' that have superpowers. It is theorised that EXO members landed on different planets like Kai on Mars and Xiumin on Saturn. In conclusion, the concept may revolve around the boys searching for a planet, or exoplanet, to build their new life.

While, it does seem like EXO members have undertaken the arduous journey of commuting between the real and outer world, but it is not complete without some party, right? So EXO members bring the party to the dance floor in this 'Sci-fi meets K-pop' themed setting with a space-inspired music video, upbeat music and energetic dance moves. The transitions between members especially one between D.O and Lay is a personal favourite. Also, it is heartwarming to watch Lay sing and dance with the squad again, since his last appearance in the group's 2018 album, Tempo.

The lyrics are penned by the ace Kenzie, who highlights the positive qualities possessed by today's youth and encourages listeners to have self-belief and race towards the future without any fear or hesitation. The rhythm is peppy and refreshing with synth sounds and heavy bass. With this comeback, EXO has come back a full 'planet', back to the point of inception, where it all began, except this time they are not taking this journey all by themselves. Hand in hand, with them, are their beloved fans, with EXO L!

You can watch the energetic music video below:

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