EXO members dedicate paens of love and gratitude to EXO L through their special album, Don't Fight The Feeling

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EXO members pose for the concept photo of Don't Fight The Feeling (Pic credit - SM Entertainment)

Artists paying tribute to their fans to mark special milestones in their career isn't a new phenomenon, but very few do it as beautifully and endearingly as EXO! The talented and charismatic K-pop boy group celebrated their ninth debut anniversary by releasing their anniversary special album, Don't Fight The Feeling today and the internet was a sight to watch today, because, it is not very often you see stan Twitter fighting feelings of love and being loved, the way EXO made EXO L feel today.

EXO dropped the official music video for their title track, Don't Fight The Feeling, fun and energetic track with a 'Sci-fi meets K-pop' vibe! It was heartwarming to watch Lay join the squad as the lyrics highlighted the positive qualities possessed by today's youth and encouraged listeners to have self-belief and race towards the future without any fear or hesitation. 'Just One In A Million, I wanted it to be me, You and I who shined beautifully in that moment'. Believe in the feeling and follow your instinct.

The next song in the album was Paradise. It is no surprise that EXO members are vocal kings and Baekhyun is the head of the vocal kingdom! Baekhyun's stunning opening verse sets the mood of the song and is essentially about expressing love to someone you love, that being with someone you love is paradise and how being in love with that special someone makes you feel like you are in paradise! Chanyeol's rap perfectly juxtaposes against the other members' beautiful vocals. 

No Matter features next on the list. D.O's voice adds beauty to the already beautiful lyrics - 'It's Okay to show me that bucket list you wrote down in your heart today'. Sehun's rap shines through this song as the transition from Xiumin to Baekhyun's voices brings the song to life! The vocal composition on the track is excellent and Lay's verse is the perfect serotonin boost we need today.

Runaway is the song that plays next and is a more sombre and mellow track. It has a slight layering of jazz music and Xiumin and Kai's parts are the highlights of this track. 'Like a lie on a barren land. Miracles blooms like flowers', this powerful verse from the song is an instant mood-lifter, making the listener feel they are reborn. The chorus is amazing and Baekhyun's ending verse makes you want to play the entire track on loop!

The final track on this mini-album is Just As Usual. The emotion-heavy ballad opens with D.O and Baekhyun's heavenly voices which perfectly complement the heart-touching lyrics. Xiumin and Lay's parts were my personal favourite as they blended their vocals seamlessly to create a beautiful track. Kai's 'quiet' voice was a happy contrast from the usual 'sensuous' concept he is known for and it was refreshing to watch his versatility as an artist. Some of my favourite lyrics from the track are -

'I'll just protect the seat next to me. I'll watch over you. Wherever you go'

'On days that aren't like the rest, when you are full of wounds. Please look at us, you hold both my hands'.' My favourite track on the album, unmissable and magical!

The entire album is a stunning tribute, a beautiful love letter to their fans who have loved them, grown with them and lived this journey with them. It is emotional, poignant and straight from the heart, a hymn for us and a paen of love. 

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