EXO’s D.O. makes a love confession using his flowery vocals in the new MV ‘Rose’

Published on Jul 26, 2021 05:38 PM IST  |  163.4K
Stills from the MV ‘Rose’; Picture Courtesy: SM Entertainment

D.O.'s first solo album, "Empathy," was released on various music sites on July 26, while the title song "Rose" music video was released on YouTube and Naver TV SMTOWN channel at the same time. The title song "Rose" is an acoustic folk genre song with a cheerful guitar rhythm, and the lyrics written by D.O. draws a refreshing love story that shows the heart and courage of the person confessing to the other, and the music video captures the audience’s attention by using a rotoscoping technique that combines traces and illustrations to match the mood of the bright and exciting song.

The MV begins with a thunderous and rainy night which breeds a new plant outside his house. The story starts with D.O cycling around his neighborhood and basking in the sun as he lovingly thinks of the person he wants to confess to. The bright outfit paired with a sunny yellow bicycle and the spring-like surroundings make for the perfect summer song. The MV progressed with D.O just enjoying and appreciating the day as he is so immersed in his love that he does not even notice the robbery taking place around him. 

The album contains the healing song "I'm Fine," which expresses D.O.'s wish to make sure everyone is truly happy and wants to provide relief to the ones that are not. In addition, the Latin-based acoustic pop song "Again, It's Love", contains honest thoughts about love, "My Love", expresses the beauty of any scenery as a person in love, and "My Father", contains feelings and wishes for his father after becoming an adult. The English version of the title song "Rose" and the Spanish version of "It's Love" is included with a  total of eight songs. 

The MV and the album represent D.O. as a person and EXO-Ls (EXO fandom) appreciated his work even more, after understanding his true feelings and personality. We were definitely in love with his vocals and this song is going to be on repeat for the rest of the day! 

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Anonymous : The song is so peppy and upbeat,that it made my feet go tapping in midst of some important work .That’s the magic of a fresh velvety melodious voice.I didn’t understand the lyrics, though.No wider it’s said that love has no language block.Period.
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