EXO’s Kai: From daring crop tops to leather influences; The top 5 trends we’d cop from the pop sensation

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EXO’s Kai: From daring crop tops to leather influences; Here are the top 5 trends we’d cop from the pop sensation

EXO’s Kai is not only a pop icon blessed with a sensational voice but also a rising style star who has wowed us with his aesthetic. Since his very debut and up to this day, he’s always surprised us with incredible fashion choices, from elegant and chic to irreverent and avant-garde, but no matter what he wears, one thing’s for sure: he’s always breathtaking. Whether he’s at the airport, on stage, or sitting front row at a fashion show, Kai ensures that he brings his A-game. Today, we’re looking back at the best trends to cop from the pop icon. 


Crop tops: We stan a man that breaks fashion paradigms. One of Kai’s great fashion features is how he wears anything he wants without going through the filter of “what he can or can’t wear,” and crop tops are proof of it. From cozy knit ones to ripped shirts and leather corsets, we’re here for Kai in crop tops now and for eternity.


Comfort is cool: If there’s one thing Kai knows how to do better than anyone else, it’s elevating simple looks with the most stunning accessories. The sensation has the power to turn a simple colour block set into a runway-worthy


Leather loving: Kai loves leather and with good reason, he often accessories with crystal rings, pearls embellishments and statement belts. He’s been walking a step ahead of us all this time, and his futuristic style is proof of it.


Makeup magic: Another one of Kai’s wonderful features is how his makeup always enhances his style. The perfect combo of burgundy eyeshadow and dark azure blue velvet come together to take our breath and minds away.


Maximalism: There’s something about Kai and how he manages to pull off things no one else could. When Kai shows up for Gucci fashion shows, he truly goes all the way, but he always keeps his essence. While there’s a lot happening in his OTT outfits but, it’s still Kai, and that’s why we love his style so much.


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Anonymous : It's good that he is introducing new fashion for the gez z... gucci king
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Anonymous : That's why he is the trendsetter y'all✨
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Anonymous : Yesss....He sets trends in whatever he does.
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Anonymous : He is the standard
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Anonymous : King shit
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Anonymous : Trend setter who can pull off any clothes and give justice to it.
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Anonymous : He set the standard high for us because of his first class mind✨
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