EXO’s Kai’s new album called ‘Peaches’ will be released on THIS date

Updated on Nov 11, 2021 08:43 AM IST  |  226K
'Peaches' teaser image
'Peaches' teaser image : courtesy of SM Entertainment

EXO’s Kai has announced his return to music adding the icing on the cake for the releases this month. Kai’s second EP ‘Peaches’ will be released on November 30 at 6 PM KST (2:30 PM IST). ‘Peaches’ is said to have 6 tracks much like its predecessor. This marks Kai’s first solo comeback releasing exactly a year after the debut album.

Posing a distinctively special aura around him and riding high off his successful solo debut, we are in for an exciting ride with this new addition to the EXO member’s discography. And interestingly we can spot a sort of pattern to the releases that have been forefronting Kai’s solo footing. 

Kai’s solo debut came about with much pomp and flair when his eponymous mini-album dropped on November 30, 2020. ‘Kai‘ also had 6 tracks led by the brilliantly executed R&B pop track ‘Mmmh’ acting as the lead single. It created a wave of sensual dance numbers that aimed to replicate the slow-burning feel of choreography, so well carried by Kai himself in the original.

Majorly R&B, ‘Kai’ saw Kim Jongin (Kai’s real name), challenging groovy tracks that also dealt heavily on his breathy voice, not forgetting to highlight the years of training that went behind creating the man we know him as today. ‘Mmmh’ went on to become the first solo music video by an EXO member to have crossed 100 million views.

Fans have been waiting for Kai’s music developments for a long time now and looking at the success of his solo debut, we are looking forward to another banger.

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