EXO’s Sehun calls out toxic fan behaviour in his recent Instagram live; Reveals THIS disturbing news

Known as ‘sasaengs’, their behaviours end up being too troublesome and disturbing for many K-Pop artists. Check out what Sehun revealed, here.
EXO's Sehun sports wavy hair at a media event. EXO's Sehun at a media event. (Pic Credits: News1)
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Toxic fans are called Sasaengs and are widely known to invade K-Pop idols personal space. There have even been multiple accounts where they’ve attacked artists. Their most common behaviours are obsessively stalking them - booking the same flights as the stars, the same hotels - and even calling and texting them. Many artists and agencies have time and again called them out. The recent one is EXO’s Sehun. 


EXO members have been vocal about calling out sasaengs. The latest member on the list is EXO’s Sehun who did an Instagram live on May 10 to just spend some time with his fans. During the live broadcast, he received a call from a sasaeng and was quick to express his frustration. He said, “Please don’t call. I receive around 100 calls a day but I purposely don’t change my phone number.” He even went on to add that the reason he doesn’t change his number is because he gets calls even after it, which he said is “even more bothersome.” The emotions an idol goes through, to have someone keep on calling incessantly while receiving threatening or abusive messages, is unfathomable. 


Back in 2014, Sehun had even posted a warning message on his Instagram, again as an outburst of his frustration, saying, “Why do I receive so many messages every single day when I haven’t even done anything? Messages saying authorization number or password change or someone logged in with a different IP. If you continue this ridiculous behavior, I will not stay put.”


Meanwhile, he also talked about Chanyeol and Baekhyun, saying that they’re fine and doing well in their military service although he is yet to talk to the latter. 


The group also recently dropped the dates of their comeback special album titled Don’t Fight The Feeling! The album comes after their last release OBSESSION in 2019. The special album is all set to release on June 7! 


EXO-Ls, show them your power as the online and off-line pre orders have also begun today!


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What do you think about the consistent sasaeng behaviour that is still affecting the members’ daily lives? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Credits :News1

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