EXO's Baekhyun officially drops his 3rd mini album Bambi and it is a beautifully mature delight for the ears

Baekhyun has officially made his comeback with the release of Bambi and an accompanying music video for the same.
EXO,Baekhyun,Bambi EXO's Baekhyun officially drops his 3rd mini album Bambi and it is a beautifully mature delight for the ears
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Baekhyun has officially marked his comeback with the release of his 3rd mini album 'Bambi' along with the official cinematic music video for the title track of the same name. This EP consists of a total of 6 tracks titled Love Scene, Bambi, All I Got, Amusement Park, Privacy and Cry For LoveThe title song 'Bambi' is an R&B song where Baekhyun collaborated with composer DEEZ and singer-songwriter SAAY. The emotional guitar melody and the sweet vocals of BAEKHYUN stand out, and the lyrics contain a mature love story through fairytale-like expressions.

While Love Scene is more sensual, Bambi delves deep into the emotional well of love. With All I Got, we're taken back to a scintillating and jazzy ambiance while the lyrics remain consistently meaningful. Amusement Park begins with a nostalgic piano melody that evokes a feeling of lost innocence that one is attempting to regain. It is playful while also reflecting a sense of longing, marking a beautiful middle point for the EP. Privacy is once again, an R&B gem as Baekhyun does what he does best. It is sonically similar to Amusement Park and the story-telling is beautifully coherent with the rest of the album. Cry For Love is reminiscent of the kind of music we have heard from DPR (Dream Perfect Regime) and DPR Live in particular but it is colored by Baekhyun's golden vocals, bringing a whole new charm to the genre. The music video for Bambi is cinematic, to say the least as it revolves around a central noir theme and in true Baekhyun fashion, it amplifies the appeal to the song.

You can watch the music video for Bambi here:

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