EXO's Chanyeol teases upcoming SM Station release with teaser images for Tomorrow

Are you ready for Chanyeol's upcoming release?
EXO,Chanyeol EXO's Chanyeol teases upcoming SM Station release with teaser images for Tomorrow
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If you're an EXO-L, you must have spent the last couple of days replaying Baekhyun's mini-album Bambi on repeat and the rest of the time, crying about his military enlistment. With another member in the military, the chances of a group comeback get even slimmer, especially when Chanyeol too, will be enlisting soon as well. However, fret not because not only has Chanyeol made complete arrangements to bring EXO-Ls happiness and joy before his military service, he's evidently the gift that keeps on giving.

Besides his first-ever movie debut with The Box, Chanyeol is gearing up for an upcoming release for the SM Station project series titled, "Tomorrow". Accompanied by two teaser images of Chanyeol standing tall in the middle of a quiet city street at night, it is possible that the genre Chanyeol might be working with would have an R&B feel to it, perfectly suited to a late-night long drive. Fans could not be any more excited about this surprise announcement as Tomorrow drops on April 6

You can see the teasers below:

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Anonymous 1 month ago

Yesss.. His love towards his fans is always so sincere and precious that we EXOLs feel blessed to have him as our idol. 'Tomorrow' is written by Chanyeol himself with full of his thoughts for future. It's making us more excited to hear the song & lyrics. All the gifts he prepared (NNG video, Station song, The Box Ost album) for us during this period, to make us happy & to feel less empty without him. Park Chanyeol is the best boy.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Thank you for covering his work

Anonymous 1 month ago

Your the best boy chanyeol