EXO's D.O. releases mood teaser for upcoming album ‘Empathy’; Self written title track ‘Rose’

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DO teaser photo: courtesy of SM Entertainment

D.O. is nostalgic and confused in the 1st mood sampler.

The EXO member is set to make his solo debut with mini-album ‘Empathy’. Dropping on 26 July, the album is said to have deep emotions felt by the singer, Ahead of its release a retro-style mood sampler was shared on the group’s official Twitter and YouTube accounts. The short 40 seconds video captures D.O dressed in simple outfits contemplating what to write.

D.O is releasing his 1st solo album soon, and fans can look forward to it. The album schedule for ‘Empathy’ was shared on 11 July and includes 3 mood samplers, 3 teaser images and a highlight medley all to be released days before the album release. The first mood sampler was shared today and it has kept the fans talking.

In the video, D.O can be seen idling around a house, fidgeting with an old-school telephone and then a film camera. He sits with a book and pen in hand, rocking back and forth, trying to find words to pen down. D.O crumples up a page and smiles to himself, then making a paper plane and launching it flying. 

You can watch D.O. mood sampler Ver.1 below.

After completing his military service this January, D.O will join the list of his other EXO members who have previously found great success with their own solo albums. Releasing on 26, ‘Empathy' will have 8 songs by the singer. The title track ‘Rose’ is written by D.O. himself and will be an acoustic folk song meant to flutter the hearts of the listeners as told by SM Entertainment. An English version of the song will be available in the album as a bonus track for the fans.

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