Extraordinary Attorney Woo Ep 1 & 2 Review: Park Eun Bin begins to find herself at the job she loves

Here’s the review and recap of the first two episodes of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ featuring Park Eun Bin and more.

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The drama is about a 27-year-old lawyer on the autism spectrum. Due to her high IQ of 164, impressive memory, and creative thought process, the brilliant Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) graduated at the top of her class from the prestigious Seoul National University for both college and law school. However, she still finds herself struggling when it comes to social interactions. Let’s take a look at some moments in the first two episodes of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ :- 

Woo Young Woo’s background story 

When she was 5, Woo Young Woo was diagnosed with autism, which explains why she’s quiet and reserved. She has Asperger’s Syndrome and when her father gets into an altercation with her neighbour, Young Woo suddenly speaks up and recites criminal laws. She’s an absolute genius. This was the beginning of her bright journey. 

Woo Young Woo’s first day at her job 

When she arrives, Young Woo meets Jun Ho who greets her cheerfully in the lobby and brings her along to Attorney Jung Myeong Seok’s office. Young Woo meets Myeong Seok, along with his associates too. After brief introductions, Myeong Seok takes Young-Woo’s application to CEO Han where he’s surprised by her accepting Young-Woo despite her being autistic. He’s clearly flustered when Han challenges his ideals and fixed way of thinking. 

Woo Young Woo helps her old neighbour 

Her first case involves an elderly couple- a lady in her 70s injures her husband with dementia during an aggressive scuffle. Woo Young Woo relates to the lady as she was her neighbour, making her feel better. Eventually the case begins but Woo Young Woo freezes as she feels the pressure of talking in a court. After the opening statements, Young Woo starts her statement but there’s a problem. 

Mr Park has actually died on his way to the hospital. Young Woo blames herself for what’s happened. Jun Ho is there for her though and encourages Young Woo to talk about whales when they’re together to calm her mind. This also has the adverse effect of helping Young Woo focus on the crucial parts of the case, including how Mr Park actually already had a headache prior to the iron strike. It would appear that his brain haemorrhage occurred prior to this. If that’s the case then the fact the doctor hasn’t diagnosed a fracture or any discernible wound from the iron itself, means Yeong Ran is not in the wrong here. Young Woo brings all of this up in court, which ultimately leads to a favourable outcome for Yeong Ran. And with the doctor determining that the brain haemorrhage was not caused by the iron strike, the jury helps to lift all charges from Yeong Ran and come to a not guilty verdict. 


Wedding Mishap 

The 2nd episode shows a newly married couple walking down the aisle when a dress mishap leads to the bride exposing herself as well as her tattoo of the Buddha, which shocked her Christian pastor. The embarrassing situation left the couple, especially the bride and the families extremely embarrassed and her father decided to sue her in-laws’ hotel for the mishap and for other psychological distress and wishes to get over 1 billion won, surprising the attorneys at Hanbada. 

The courtroom 

Jung Myung Seok holds a meeting with his team as they discuss the case. He splits the team into two, one team is to go and talk to the couple while the other is to go to the hotel undercover and find clues. Kwon Min Woo and Woo Young Woo make their way to the couple for questioning while Choi Soo Yeon goes to the hotel with Lee Jun Ho. The scene shifts to the courtroom where the trial is held. Lee Jun Ho gets the employee they had met to the court as a witness from the plaintiff’s side.

She testifies that the incident was not completely an accident as the head of the wedding business team knew that the dress was ill-fitting as it was not the bride’s dress but someone else’s. The next day, they tell the news to the bride’s father who then reveals the estimated value of the land to be 33.2 billion won. However as the amount is too much for the judge to make a ruling on, they will make a request for 10% of the total worth. The scene shifts to the courtroom again and he is about to win the case when the bride states that she would like to withdraw the lawsuit. We see a flashback of the bride consulting Woo Young Woo on how to withdraw the lawsuit. She tells the bride that all she has to do is say, “I would like to withdraw the lawsuit” and this will end it.  

The end

The bride then confronts her father that the tattoo was no mistake as she is Buddhist and that she is a lesbian. The woman next to her is not her friend but someone that she is dating. She stopped at her wedding when she saw her in the crowd. Everyone present is shocked as she leaves with her girlfriend.


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