Extraordinary You, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim & more: 6 Webtoon based KDramas that stole our hearts!

With webtoon-adapted KDramas on the rise, we take a look at the webtoon-based dramas that walked (quite famously) so that the upcoming KDramas could run. Take a look at our top picks here.
Extraordinary You, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim & more: 6 Webtoon based KDramas that stole our hearts!
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With KDramas exploding over the globe, the influx of new ideas is getting a run for its money. With so many new shows coming out each year, many follow a set pattern, in a set genre. However, there are some shows out there that have been adapted from webtoons, and hence feature some new and exciting storylines. While the shows may not be able to cover all the minor scenes and plotlines that the original creator introduced, they have still made some incredible stuff for fans to enjoy.


In this article, we are bringing you a list of shows that do justice to their webtoon origins. With genres spanning romance, comedy, supernatural, experimental, there is something for everyone. After going through these, you will probably wonder the same things that we do. Why aren’t more adaptations being produced? And where can I even find these webtoons? Though you can find the webtoons on the net easily enough, the first question keeps us awake at night.


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim



This show is based on the webtoon created by Kim Myeong Mi, and drew the attention of a global audience. Unfazed by issues plaguing other adaptations, the show has remained true to the beloved webtoon. It has managed to truly capture the essence of the writing, and built upon it in a very pleasing manner. The story of how a billionaire VP falls in love with his overworked secretary of nine years, it sets the heart aflutter. 


Itaewon Class



It seems like after the show became a hit, some people thought it was because of the story spun by Netflix. And that is so not the case. Based on the webtoon with the same name, the creator Kwang Jin is the genius behind it. Though a couple of minor plot arcs might have been missed here and there, the larger picture has been followed through. The main plot is about a character called Park Sae Ro Yi, who gets jailed for attempted murder and makes a vow to bring down the business tycoon who caused him so much loss. Starring Park Seo Joon as the lead, the show is a must watch for all the fans out there.


Love Alarm



Adapted from a webtoon by artist Chon Kye Young, Love Alarm has already completed 2 seasons. The Kye Young also has a YouTube channel, where chapters, translated into English and Spanish are uploaded. The story progresses as such; an app is invented which can tell the user if there’s a person close by who likes them. The lead character Jo Jo uses the app, till she finds herself caught between two best friends, Hwang Sun Oh and Lee Hye Young. A fabulous adaptation, the show has already gained high viewership.


Mystic Pop-Up Bar



Created by artist Bae Hye Soo, the webtoon has snagged the Excellence Award in the 2017 Korea Manga Awards. The screen adaptation is just as good. Having made an entry into pop culture, it is highly liked by viewers. In the story, Wol Joo is cursed to walk among the living until she helps the souls of her customers. She serves food and drinks to her customers, and engages them in deep conversations to find out what plagues them and how to help them heal. As a given, time is running out and she has to help finish helping a number of people or else she will get doomed to hell.


Extraordinary You



Based on the webtoon ‘July Found By Chance’ created by Moo Ryoo, Extraordinary You is a story that’s fresh off the mill and certainly different to the other adaptations we’ve seen so far. The story follows lead character Eun Dan Oh, who finds out that she’s an extra in a comic series called ‘Secret’. Following this epiphany, she tries to do things differently, and change the future that the writer has created for her. A refreshing watch and read, it can definitely bring you out of your binging slump.


Sweet Home



One of the most trending shows to come out recently, many will be amazed to find out that it’s actually based on a webtoon, created by Kim Camby and illustrated by Hwang Young Chan. An extremely able adaptation, it has found mainstream success. The plot follows a boy Cha Hyun Soo, who becomes suicidal after the death of his family. He moves into a new place called Green Home, and soon the world gets overrun by monsters. Watch along and see how Hyun Soo bands along with his neighbours and tries to survive in this apocalyptic nightmare.


And who can forget the most recent popular show ‘True Beauty’ that had the nation divided in half? Well, the unending debate of whether the show did justice to the webtoon is a different topic. But at the very least, we got a chance to see our favourite webtoons made into live action dramas! 


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Which webtoon-based KDrama is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!