The Family Man 2: 5 reasons why TASC officer JK Talpade played by Sharib Hashmi deserves his own spin off

Updated on Jun 19, 2021 08:42 PM IST  |  318.5K
The Family Man 2: 5 reasons why TASC officer JK Talpade played by Sharib Hashmi deserves his own spin off

The Family Man 2 rose through the ranks and became one of the most popular shows in the country without the presence of a Bollywood superstar. One of the finest actors, Manoj Bajpayee lends his presence to the show and has already carried the narrative on his shoulders for two seasons. However, several other supporting characters in the show made a mark in the narrative by spreading fun, emoting complex sentiments, and displaying valor. One character called JK Talpade aka JK played by Sharib Hashmi delivered all the above-mentioned traits and more. Here we are looking at 5 reasons why he deserves his own spin-off.

JK Talpade being a dedicated officer serving the nation

Srikant Tiwari’s valor is often glorified because he sacrifices his family life in the favor of serving the country but an enemy bullet does not have a name. JK is always standing by Srikant’s side in the line of fire. He almost sacrificed his life to a point where doctors were unable to find his pulse in season 2. To preempt the attack that would have happened, JK got face to face with the antagonists and ended up with a bullet in his body. He is a loyal officer of the nation and has proved his mettle many times.

JK Talpade being an understanding friend

JK tends to carry emotion right on his sleeve and is always available as a helping hand for Srikant. JK cares about the disturbances in the life of his friend and how he should cope with his family. Perhaps JK deserves a tale that explains the cause of his sensitivity.

JK Talpade never letting Srikant feel ‘FOMO’

Even when JK is right in the middle of the operation, he would always pick up Srikant’s calls and never let him feel that he did not work in the TASC anymore. He discussed the mission with Srikant in real-time while being in a distressed situation. Perhaps, the story of a mission is needed where JK leads the chain of command and emerges victorious.

JK Talpade being the funniest man

If it was not for JK and his ability to find humour in a tense situation, The Family Man would be devoid of a certain entertainment value. JK is obsessively honest and open about himself. Even if he can’t pronounce the name of a fancy dish in a restaurant, he never feels inferior. A storyline with JK Talpade and Srikant Tiwari on a road trip across India without any mission would be mighty entertaining.

The making of JK Talpade

Any decision, choice, or personality trait of a human being is based upon their life experiences. Just like MCU is doing spin-offs of characters like ‘Falcon’ and ‘Winter Soldier’. It would be highly insightful to trace JK’s journey from his younger days and what makes him such a complete man with nearly no grey shades.

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