The Fan Theory: What does it take to be a true and devoted fan of an artist!

Buying an artists' albums or streaming all night? We decode the truth behind being a true fan. Read on to find out.
Asian entertainment has an idol-worship culture. The Fan Theory: What does it take to be a true and devoted fan of an artist!
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One of the aspects that makes Asian culture and entertainment unique as compared to Western culture and entertainment is the fandom culture! The kind of community fandom culture we have here in Asia is what makes our culture and entertainment unique and different as compared to American entertainment. Pakistani writer Fatima Bhutto authored a compelling read on Asian entertainment and how it is at par with its American counterpart, if not better. The book is titled, New Kings of the World: Dispatches from Bollywood, Dizi, and K-Pop. Through the book, she provides a razor-sharp yet insightful take on pop culture entertainment from Asia, namely Bollywood (India), Dizi (Turkey) and K-Pop (South Korea).

The book explores the thriving pop-culture entertainment that exists in these countries, and how it has essentially aided in building the soft-power of a nation. Even though India, Turkey and South Korea are quite different from one another, there is one common aspect that binds them together, and that is the fandom culture! The three forms of entertainment enjoy a massive fan-following amongst home audiences vis a vis, diaspora and global fans. Idol-worship of celebrities is a norm in Indian and South Korean culture and a big part in establishing them as prominent forces in entertainment. 

In India, we have temples built to honour a star, their feet washed with milk because they have a Demi-God status in our hearts. Whereas, In K-pop, your fandom is your community. Fans protect you, cheer for you and dream the same dreams that you dream of. K-pop fandom isn't just a place, it is like your extended family, your identity. But, I have always wondered what does it take to be a true and devoted fan? Buying an artists' albums or streaming all night? We decode the truth behind being a true fan. 

Fan-shaming and cancel culture is much a reality as fan-following and idol-worship is! Fans of the same community often shame another one for not being a 'good' fan. It makes one wonder, what is the definition of a 'good' fan anyways, or does such a thing even exist? The answer to that is No! No, such a concept doesn't exist. There is no definition of being a fan because love itself doesn't have a definition. You love someone the way you want to love and not how they want to be loved! 

I have always believed that fans are a reflection of the artist themselves, ARMY is hard-working and passionate just like BTS members themselves and BLINKS are about girl-power, just like BLACKPINK members are. As fans, all you got to do is to cherish and support their art, internalise the good qualities and behaviour they endorse and strive to do your best in your chosen field, just like your artists are. It doesn't matter if you own all of their albums or pull off an all-nighter streaming their music or not, just work on making being a good person and make them proud of you. All you need is love, Love. Love is all you need.

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