Fanletter, Please: 3 reasons why you should watch SNSD’s Sooyoung and Yoon Park starrer mini drama

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons behind watching the recently completed mini drama Fanletter, Please starring SNSD’s Sooyoung, Yoon Park and more.

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Fanletter, Please Poster; Picture Courtesy: MBC
Fanletter, Please Poster

Han Kang Hee (Sooyoung) is a top star actress who started acting ever since childhood. Because of the pressure as a top star, her self-esteem begins to drop and bad comments about her drama increase. The stress caused by those comments keeps her away from fan letters as well. In this crisis, she coincidentally runs into her first love, Jung Seok (Yoon Park). He was a popular kid back in school but is now a single father of a sick child. His daughter Yu Na writes a fan letter to Kang Hee as her huge fan. However, as her letter doesn't make it to Kang Hee, Jung Seok writes back instead. Kang Hee's story with a beloved fan and her first love begins with a special fan letter. 

About the drama:

In this drama, Yoon Park perfectly transformed into the role of Bang Jeong Seok, who has both the aspects of a doting father and a romantic guy. Yoon Park completely assimilated into the character in the play. He sincerely portrayed his desire to do anything for his beloved daughter, and he raised the excitement index of the home theater at once by properly utilizing the fun of the healing romance that started when he reunited with his first love.

Yoon Park, who breathed life into the character Bang Jeong Seok with such three-dimensional acting, made the short 4-episode series more emotional by presenting the viewer with a heartfelt longing, a trembling smile spreading across his lips, and even a joy not to be missed. 

Han Kang Hee:

Han Kang Hee joined in the kind lies of her father Bang Jeong Seok (played by Yoon Park), who sent her a fake fan letter reply in order to grant the wish of her one and only daughter, Yuna (played by Shin Yeon Woo). However, when it became known that the two of them attended the same high school, she was misunderstood that she had made a beautiful story, and this led her to face the biggest crisis in her entertainment industry. While her attention is focused on how Han Kang Hee will overcome her worst crisis situation, it can confirm Han Kang Hee, who is still having a busy schedule.

On the other hand, Han Kang Hee, who returns to acting, her main job, perfectly possesses her character despite the stigma of creating a false story, is also impressive. When she spends time with Yuna, her affectionate appearance transforms into a charismatic female warrior without even realizing it, and she is showing the class of a top actress in name and reality with her dignified figure holding a long gun. In particular, despite her cameo appearance, Han Kang-hee perfectly melted into the character she played, making her feel like a top professional actress again. Most of all, despite facing the biggest crisis in the entertainment industry, Han Kang Hee, who is digesting her schedule without a break, not only acting but also having a special time for fans, completed a synchro rate that perfectly resembles Choi Sooyoung in reality. 

MBC's 4-episode Fri-Sat drama 'Fanletter, Please', which aired on November 26th, ended its short and bold journey with its 4th episode. Choi Sooyoung and Yoon Park, who comforted each other, bore the fruit of their first love, and Shin Yeon Woo, who had been fighting leukemia, made a full recovery, and completed an ending worthy of an 'anti-defection romantic comedy' with unwavering fanaticism for his favorite star. Like this, 'Fanletter, Please', which was warm and full of excitement until the end, warmed the hearts of viewers even more and reaped the beauty of the end.


Here are some reasons to watch the drama :- 

Sooyoung as Han Kang Hee 

A top star who carries a lot of trauma and insecurities- that’s one way to describe Han Kang Hee but she is also a loving person who does everything for her first love and his child. Sooyoung perfectly displayed the good and bad parts of Han Kang Hee, as an individual and a loved public figure. The 4 episodes gave an insight on the life of Han Kang Hee and her fear of fan letters or fan service. She is confident and beautiful yet insecure and a soft-hearted person behind the scenes and lets the harsh words of the public get to her. 

Yoon Park as Bang Jeong Seok

The doting father of Yuna, Bang Jeong Seok is a warm-hearted person who doesn’t blame his situation and rather makes the best of it. His soft mannerisms compared to his daughter’s bold behavior shows a unique relationship between the two. Despite the cards he has been dealt, he makes all the changes necessary to keep his daughter happy. His love for Han Kang Hee is pure as well, he doesn’t let her reactions get to him, instead understands the words she isn’t saying out loud and makes sure she does well too. He takes care of her whenever they are together, giving viewers all the feels! 

Shin Yeon Woo as Yuna 

A child with a disease sounds sad right? Yuna does not let anything damper her bright and bold personality. She uses her disease as a way to live unapologetically, being a lesson for the people around her- her father, friends and Han Kang Hee. After she gets time to spend with her favorite star, she leaves a long lasting impression on her as always as well as the viewers. 


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