Father's Day 2021: 6 iconic onscreen dads that have stolen the show in their own little way

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Father's Day 2021: 6 iconic onscreen dads that have stolen the show in their own little way.

The essence of a show or movie lies in the relationship shared between the characters. Netflix has brought to life some iconic father-child relationships while exploring different aspects of this simple yet complex relationship.  Displaying relationships ranging from a retired defense officer who wants his daughter to fly high, to a silent, reserved father who supports the dreams of his tech wizard daughter, Netflix covers it all . This Father’s Day, we take a walk down memory lane as we remember some father figures who have splendidly portrayed many different aspects that the relationship between a father and a child entails. 

Pankaj Tripathi as Anup Saxena in Gunjan Saxena The Kargil Girl:

The relationship between Anup Saxena and Gunjan Saxena is a welcome addition to the Father - Daughter dynamics in the film industry. Their relationship is the moving force and essence of the movie. All through the movie Anup is seen encouraging his daughter to dream big and never give up. In a particular scene where Gunjan is disturbed and heartbroken by the gender discriminations at work, she mentions to her Father that it may be a good time to get married and settle down. He is shattered on hearing this, he explains to her how getting married would render all her efforts futile. Throughout her journey he has been her constant motivation and support.

Javed Jafferry as Rustom Irani in Maska: 

Javed Jafferry plays the role of Rustom, Rumi’s father in the movie. The movie revolves around Mumbai’s iconic Irani Cafes. Rumi has dreams of becoming an actor but Diana, his mom, wishes that her son will take over and run the Rustom Cafe that has been in the family for generations. Rustom, played by Javed Jafferry, is Rumi’s dad who passed away at a young age but does an excellent job of carrying forward his family’s legacy. Rumi finds himself under pressure to live up to the expectations of his mom.  In the movie Rustom  exhibits a mischievous character who occasionally pops up on the screen and is seen giving his son some much needed advice.

Eugene Levy as Johnny Rose in Schitt’s Creek:

A heart-warming comedy and fan-favourite, Schitts Creek is the story of a rich family that loses everything except a town they bought as a joke. The patriarch of the family,  Johnny Rose, portrayed by Eugene Levy, is a father that all can relate to. Slightly awkward, extremely vocal but at the end of the day, loving and caring, Johnny Rose is a dad that we all look at and root for. Whether it’s caring for his high maintenance wife Moira or dealing with the shenanigans of his kids, Johnny is always someone that can make us laugh till we cry. 

Sendhil Ramamurthy as Mohan Vishwakumar in Never Have I Ever:

In the show Mohan is portrayed as a loving and caring father who also has a fun and adventurous side. He only wants the best for his daughter. In Season 1 just before the end of the series Mohan passes away due to a heart attack at Devi’s concert. He is seen in flashbacks of memories that Devi and her Mom hold on to . The soul of the show lies in the bond between  Mohan and his daughter, Devi.

Rishi Kapoor as Raj Mathur in Rajma Chawal:

The movie covers the story of an unconventional father son relationship. Raj finds his son Kabir growing distant from him, this troubles him. Based on the advice that Raj receives from Raj getting trapped in his own web of lies. This movie in a way explores how the changing social media landscape makes it even more difficult to stabilize a strained relationship that exists due to the generation gap.

David Harbour as James ‘Jim’ Hopper in Stranger Things:

Jim is a father who has lost his daughter to an ailing disease, while this breaks him down for a small period, he is one of those people that takes that pain and uses it to become the amazing person we see on the show. From adopting a child with supernatural powers to taking upon himself to saving the town and not losing hope, every episode of Stranger Things saw Hopper grow as a parent and as a human being. We saw him as a loving father not just to Eleven but all those other kids and when Eleven called him dad, well, it gave all of us the feels. 

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