‘The Fiery Priest’ star Kim Nam Gil in talks to lead the upcoming action melodrama

Published on Oct 14, 2021 02:03 PM IST  |  42.8K
Kim Nam Gil
Kim Nam Gil; Picture Courtesy: News1

On October 14th, Kim Nam Gil was confirmed as the main character of Netflix's 'The Thief: The Sound of the Sword' which is an action melodrama in which the people are blown away after being deprived of their base of living and being driven out in the 1920s. Through fictional characters, the history of defeat is turned into a history of victory.

Kim Nam Gil plays Yi Yun, a slave who has neither learned nor learned anything in the play. Although the class system was abolished and the state became free, only the body is free, but the mind is still a slave. The Korean master said that it would be good to become a soldier, so he becomes a soldier and even participates in the war.

There have been many works set during the Japanese colonial period, but 'The Thief' takes on a new challenge. By borrowing the western genre, it is planned to give a new way of viewing that has never been seen before. Kim Nam Gil shows his acting that goes beyond rough action and poignant melodies due to the nature of the genre.

Kim Nam Gil is a talented actor, producer, singer, and philanthropist. He is best known from leading roles in ‘Pandora’, ‘The Shameless’, ‘The Pirates’, ‘Portrait of a Beauty’, and ‘The Fiery Priest’. His breakthrough role was in the hit television period drama ‘Queen Seon Deok’.

With this, Kim Nam Gil's 2022 schedule is full, from the SBS drama 'Through the Darkness' scheduled to air in January next year, the drama 'Island', which is currently filming, and 'The Thief'.

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