Film Out: BTS collab with Back Number for the OST of the Japanese film Signal; Feat Jungkook's composition

BTS' Jungkook is revealed to have created the special composition, alongside Back Number's vocalist Iyori Shimizu, which is to be released on April 2. Read to find out details.
The Japanese film Signal is a remake of the Korean drama by the same name. Film Out: BTS collab with Back Number for the OST of the Japanese film Signal; Feat Jungkook's composition
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Producer Jungkook? Yes Please! It is only the second month of a new year and we are already getting amazing BTS content. The Grammy-nominated artists are confirmed to drop a new original soundtrack, titled Film Out, in collaboration with the Japanese rock band Back Number. The new song Film Out has been selected as the theme song for the 'Theatrical Version Signal Long-Term Unresolved Case Investigation Team.' The Japanese film Signal is a remake of the 2016 Korean drama Signal.

According to BTS Japan Official Fanclub, Film Out is an emotional and powerful ballad with poignant lyrics. The emotional ballad explores the idea of going back to the same person, who still lingers on in your mind, the person who never disappears from your heart. A special preview of the song was released on February 16 featuring Jungkook's voice. BTS member Jungkook has participated in creating the special composition alongside Back Number's vocalist Iyori Shimizu. Jungkook was inspired by the melody created by Iyori Shimizu and proposed a new melody for the film, both realising each other's thoughts in the process of creating the song. Jungkook confirmed the special collaboration saying, "Yes, I participated! I want to tell you soon!” ARMY trended 'PROD JK' to celebrate Jungkook turning producer on this song.

BTS first met Back Number back in the year 2017 and also performed the OST Don't Leave Me for the series in 2018. Last year, BTS released two special Japanese tracks Stay Gold and Your Eyes Tell as part of Map Of The Soul: 7 - The Journey. Stay Gold was included as an Original Sound Track for the Japanese drama, Spiral Labyrinth – DNA Forensic Investigation. The second track Your Eyes Tell, which is co-written and co-composed By Jungkook, was featured in the Japanese film Kimi No Me Ga Toikakete Iru. The Japanese film Signal featuring BTS and Back Number's song, Film Out will release on April 2.


You can check out the preview of the collab below:

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