FIRST LOOK: Golden Child members look elegant in suits in teaser images for 2nd repackage album ‘DDARA’

Published on Sep 25, 2021 12:38 PM IST  |  67.4K
Golden Child's Teaser Image : Courtesy Woollim Entertainment
Golden Child's Teaser Image : Courtesy Woollim Entertainment

Save the date because Golden Child is coming back with another super hit album after just 2 months! On September 23 midnight KST, the group revealed an interesting vintage poster announcing their upcoming repackaged album ‘DDARA’ which will be releasing on October 5 at 6 PM KST (2:30 PM IST). 

Following the announcement, the boys revealed the first set of teaser images for the album on September 24 KST, taking the internet by storm with their chivalrous charms and the elite concept.

Starting off with the leader, Lee Dae Yeol who wore a white and grey suit, striking a pose for the camera with seriousness in his eyes. TAG leans against a table while posing with a book in his hands. The member totally nailed his outfit as fans couldn’t get their eyes off him. Bae Seung Min wasn't behind in revealing his model side either. From the glass of wine in his hand to his authoritative posture, everything about the picture is perfect. 

Kim Dong Hyun wore an outfit similar to that of Lee Dae Yeol while posing seriously in front of a huge bookshelf, doing justice to the royal concept. Lee Jang Joon in formal wear looked like the human form of the word ‘perfection’. Hong Joo Chan too looked captivating in the photoshoot with his impeccable charms.

Sipping wine and contemplating the next move at the casino, Kim Jibeom looked as if he was engrossed in some deep thinking. Prince charming who? We know only Y! Choi Bomin wasn’t going to stop too! The artist had his hair slightly falling on his face while looking elite and handsome. Bong Jaehyun fitted the concept so well that it looked like the concept was tailor-made for his charming personality!

You can check out the concept photos below:

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