Flower of Evil, Scarlet Heart Ryeo & more: Your complete Kdrama guide to King of Sageuk Lee Joon Gi

Lee Joon Gi is one of the South Korean entertainment industry’s most incredible actors with an unbelievable range and versatility that’s undoubtedly on par with the world’s best.

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Lee Joon Gi at the premiere of Resident Evil.
Flower of Evil, Scarlet Heart Ryeo & more: Your complete Kdrama guide to King of Sageuk Lee Joon Gi
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Lee Joon Gi is one of the South Korean entertainment industry’s most incredible actors with an unbelievable range and versatility that’s undoubtedly on par with the world’s best. He’s greatly loved by fans not only in South Korea but also worldwide and is also considered a national treasure when it comes to the acting industry. However, he’s not just an actor but also a singer, dancer and a model. Another prominent title he has is that of ‘King of Sageuk’. Sageuk refers to Korean historical dramas and Joon Gi first rose to fame with his iconic role of the eponymous clown in The King and the Clown. Ever since then, his popularity has grown overseas and he’s widely credited for being a top Hallyu star. Truly, the fad of K-dramas and their popularity all over the world owes a lot of its success to Lee Joon Gi and his inimitable talent.

Joon Gi’s ability to embody any character he portrays speaks volumes about how much heart he puts into each character. Considering all the difficult, heart-wrenching and traumatic roles he has fulfilled with the utmost grace, they must have taken a toll on his mental health because there is no way someone can transform that magically into a character without it affecting them in real life. As such, his talent is that much more important for the industry and for the world.

Here is a complete guide to Lee Joon Gi and all his K-Drama appearances:

Nonstop 4

Joon Gi had a minor but adorable role in this drama and this marked his official debut in the acting industry.

Drama City: What Should I Do?

This one hour long special short story episode features Lee Joon Gi as Seong Ho, a problem child who has trouble coping with his mother’s illness and does not get along with his father. One day, he leaves the house to blow some steam off and ends up travelling back in time to when his parents hadn’t started dating yet.

Star’s Echo

Lee Joon Gi has a supporting role in this 2-part mini-series about a musically gifted Korean man Sung Jae and a Japanese woman Misaki. Joon Gi plays Sung Jae’s cousin Chan Kyu.

My Girl

My Girl is a romantic comedy featuring Lee Da Hae, Lee Dong Wook and Lee Joon Gi and this drama was responsible for putting Lee Joon Gi in the spotlight. Lee Dong Wook’s appearance is also an added bonus! Joon Gi plays Seo Jung Woo, a chaebol heir who lives a carefree life and is quite the womanizer.

The 101st Proposal

This drama is the story of a man who goes on his 100th date and finds the woman of his dreams. Lee Joon Gi makes a cameo appearance in this drama which proves that by this time, his appearance in a drama was quite the hot topic.

Time Between Dog and Wolf

This revenge action thriller stars Lee Joon Gi in the main role of Soo Hyun who takes on an undercover mission to infiltrate the Triad which killed his mother. This drama truly put Joon Gi in the spotlight and brought out his acting faculties for everyone to see. It was only a matter of time because he became a star.

Il Ji Mae: The Phantom Thief

Lee Joon Gi plays the lead protagonist role of Lee Gyeom in this action thriller historical drama where through various trials and tribulations, he aims to avenge the wrongful death of his family. This character was truly a difficult one to successfully portray but being the incredible actor he is, he pulled it off with ease.


Lee Joon Gi plays the role of Jin Do Hyuk in this action-comedy, an aspiring journalist who gets stuck working with a third rate news agency infamous for their controversial and scandalous articles and immoral paparazzi.

Arang and the Magistrate

This historical horror romance stars Lee Joon Gi and Shin Min Ah opposite each other. Joon Gi plays Eun Oh, a magistrate with the ability to perceive spirits who is looking for his mother and meets Arang, a deceased spirit who is searching for the cause of her death.

Two Weeks

Joon Gi plays the role of Tae San, a gangster who falls in love with a college student In Hye and gets her pregnant. He decides to leave his gangster life behind but is blackmailed to take the fall for an assault charge.

Gunman in Joseon

Joon Gi plays Yoon Kang, the son of the last great swordsman of 19th century Joseon. His family is murdered under the presumption of treason and so is his lover. Yoon Kang is rescued and taken to Japan from where he returns as Hasegawa Hanjo to embark on a journey to revenge.

The Scholar Who Walks The Night

Joon Gi plays Kim Sung Yeol, a “night scholar” and close confidante of the Crown Prince. He is a guardian vampire responsible for keeping disobedient vampires in check.

She Was Pretty

Joon Gi makes a special appearance in an episode of this drama as himself.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

This drama needs no introduction and neither does his character. This was the drama which made Lee Joon Gi popular in the entire world and he came to be known as the forerunner of the Hallyu Wave.

Criminal Minds

In this Korean remake of the original American series of the same name, Joon Gi plays Kim Hyun Joon. He witnessed his father being murdered as a child and has little to no sympathy for criminals. This was his first drama alongside Moon Chae Won with whom he returns once more in 2020’s Flower of Evil.

Lawless Lawyer

This drama follows Sang Pil, played by Joon Gi and Jae Yi played by Seo Ye Ji. Sang Pil is a gangster turned lawyer and Jae Yi is the only person he trusts. Together they form the Lawless Law Firm.

Hotel Del Luna

Lee Joon Gi made an incredibly special appearance in former co-star IU’s drama Hotel Del Luna as a priest who comes to perform an exorcism.

Flower of Evil

Lee Joon Gi’s latest drama, Flower of Evil was a mega-hit and an incredible success worldwide. The range of emotions which Joon Gi expressed through his role as Baek Hee Sung alongside Moon Chae Won’s Ji Won is beyond comparison. No words can explain just how brilliant of a series this was.

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11 months ago
I just found him through Flower of Evil and he zoomed to the top of my list of K-hunks. Not only is he beautiful to look at, he's uber talented as an actor and riveting in every role. I've also spent many hours watching concert video on YT.
4 weeks ago
Try watching him in scholar who walks the night