The Force is strong with these KPop idols: Meet the idols who celebrated Star Wars in their own style

On Star Wars day, we’re taking a look at the idols who let their love for Star Wars seep in through their music videos or other things! Take a look at them below.
Moments when KPop and Star Wars world collided feat. Luhan's The Inner Force Star Wars collaboration song A still from Luhan's The Inner Force MV.
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May 4 is nothing less than a holiday for countless people on this planet. If you’re one of the few who are wondering why, it’s because of the famous catchphrase ‘May The Force be with you!’ from the epic space opera movie Star Wars. With multiple movies, TV series, and specials under its belt, it’s a global pop culture phenomenon that was started in 1977. 


The world of K-Pop and K-Drama might be just entering the international borders now, but Star Wars, due to its cult phenomenon and incredible characters with storylines, had already made its way decades ago in South Korea. The Star Wars phenomenon spread far and wide, leading to our K-Pop idols loving them and growing up with them too! 


So on this unofficial holiday, let’s look at the moments the K-Pop world and Star Wars’ world collided! 


1. EXO collaborating with Star Wars 


We’re starting the list with a hidden gem called EXO’s LIGHTSABER. SM Entertainment collaborated with Disney Korea in 2015 and their group EXO released a song titled LIGHTSABER. In the music video, we see the nine members in clubs where there’s  a ‘Jedi Only’ sign and the members carrying actual lightsabers! This was the time EXO-Ls who are also a star Wars fan, got a double win!



2. 2NE1 members dressing up as Storm Troopers 


If you’ve never heard 2NE1’s FOLLOW ME, you’re in for a treat! The music video will take you back to the retro times with retro hairstyles and outfits but there are things that are evergreen in it - 2NE1 members and Storm Troopers! The members really dressed up as the Star Wars character and goofed around with each other in the video!



3. Infinite’s Dongwoo showing off his BB-8 toy!


In Star Wars, BB-8 is a robot droid that is cute and also extremely loyal. Dongwoo revealed his love for the franchise, especially the character BB-8, by posting a video and photo of the character toy he bought years ago! But to be honest, who isn’t a fan of BB-8? 





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4. When Eric Nam switched his fanboy mode on


Back in 2015, Eric Nam met Daisy Ridley and John Boyega who played Rey and Finn respectively, in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Episode VIII) in 2017. Naturally, Eric Nam couldn’t stop from taking a selfie and even uploaded it on his Instagram saying, ‘These two are awesome’.




5. When Luhan was ‘feeling the Force’ in his collaboration project


Former EXO member Luhan promoted Star Wars in China with his promotional song titled ‘The Inner Force’ in 2016. The song was for the movie titled ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. He is even seen as a Jedi in the music video along with BB-8! How extremely cool is that?



Well, there it is! Now you know your precious idols are as much in love with Star Wars as you are with them! 


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Are you celebrating May 4th? If you are, tell us your plans in the comments below! 

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