Forecasting Love and Weather Ep 15 & 16 Review: Park Min Young & Song Kang’s office romance wraps up

‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ aired every weekend from February 12 to April 2.

Updated on Apr 09, 2022 11:25 AM IST  |  569.7K
Forecasting Love and Weather
The main poster for 'Forecasting Love and Weather' : courtesy of JTBC
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Park Min Young and Song Kang’s ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ aired Episodes 15 (‘Ensemble’) and 16 (‘Tomorrow’s Answers’) of the series on April 1 and April 2. Following the two stars as polar-opposite characters working together at the Korea Meteorological Administration, the nation's weather forecasting service, the eighth and final week of the series drew Jin Ha Kyung (Park Min Young), Lee Si Woo (Song Kang), and the KMA’s story to a close.

In episode 15, Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo are still on terse terms in the aftermath of their breakup in episode 13. To make matters worse, Jin Ha Kyung starts nursing a secret behind Lee Si Woo’s back, as she communicates with his estranged father who is in the hospital. Later in the episode, Lee Si Woo admits that he still likes her a lot, going so far as to doubt his decision to break up.

Perhaps most disappointingly, Forecaster Um decides to throw all his character development for a toss as he bails on his daughter and wife on the former’s birthday dinner, and turns the car around to go sort out heated tempers at the workplace (quite unnecessarily, if one might add). The tense situation at the KMA abruptly takes a comedic turn after his arrival and subsequent ranting about missing his daughter’s birthday dinner, and does absolutely nothing to salvage his lost progress and attempts at mending ties with his family

Episode 16 seems to be a collection of satisfactory endings for each arc, meant to offer closure. Chae Yu Jin and Han Ki Jun (Lee Si Woo and Jin Ha Kyung’s respective past partners, now married to each other), decide to keep their baby and try to do their best together. Forecaster Um and his wife reconcile after a fight, while Jin Ha Kyung’s sister and her partner (who also happens to work at the KMA) separate and then get back together. 

Lee Si Woo reconciles with his father and the two move in together, while our lead couple also gets back together under the softly falling first snow of the year, as Lee Si Woo’s issues with his father dissipate. 

The focal problem between our lead pair, Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo, had been their opposing views on the institution of marriage and its place in a relationship, leading to them breaking up for a few episodes. Towards the end, however, what had been the main focus of the storyline was suddenly pushed to the side and forgotten, with Lee Si Woo’s relationship with his father becoming the issue with his relationship with Jin Ha Kyung.

Over the past few episodes, ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ had slowly been descending into a spiral of confusing arcs. The meandering storyline dragged on, appearing to have no particular destination set, interspersed with a few laugh-out-loud moments. Relationships were established, issues cropped up, and rather than being worked through, only deflated into a hasty attempt at happiness, without really explaining the process or the logic. 

Considering how hopeless the situation had seemed for all the characters, however, there is some gratefulness to be felt for them receiving their respective closures, no matter how rushed and confusing. 

‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ started promisingly — fresh, exciting, and hopeful. The drama’s warmth and lighthearted romance lost their course at times during its run, but left us with what appears to be the most satisfactory outcome possible, all things considered.

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