Forget Me Not from ENHYPEN's Japanese debut album BORDER: Hakanai selected as the OP for the anime RE:MAIN

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ENHYPEN performing at a showcase, courtesy of BE:LIFT

ENHYPEN's title song from their Japanese debut album BORDER: Hakanai, Forget Me Not, has been chosen as the opening theme for TV Asahi's latest anime, RE-MAINRE-MAIN is the latest and one of the most highly anticipated anime shows that tells the story of a character named Minato Kiyoumizu, a high school student who returns to playing water polo after an incident in middle school. Anime is the most globally popular form of media to come from Japan and its consumption has increased manifold in recent years. As such, to have a song featured as the OST of an anime, especially as its opening theme, is a matter of pride and glory for artists, which speaks volumes of their talent and musicality. This amazing feat from ENHYPEN, especially emphasizing on the fact that ENHYPEN hasn’t even made their official debut in Japan, is truly worth high praise.

According to comments from the group members, Forget Me Not is an exhilarating song that paints summer in uniquely refreshing colours as if representing a page from the book of youth. It has strong elements of electric guitar and is fast paced with phrases like "go ahead" and "overcome yourself" creating the foundation of the lyrics.

ENHYPEN will make their Japanese debut in the near future with the album BORDER: Hakanai on July 6, 2021. Meanwhile, the anime RE-MAIN which uses the song Forget Me Not will air its first episode on July 3, 2021.

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