Former AOA member Mina clarifies her cheating controversy and writes another post clarifying her stance

Published on Jul 05, 2021 02:06 PM IST  |  179.2K
Former AOA member Mina | Photo Courtesy: News1

Former AOA member Mina released a long statement regarding her recent controversy where she seemed to be culminating it with a realisation and an apology. To give a context, Mina was alleged to have been in a relationship with someone else’s boyfriend and was labelled as a cheater for doing so by her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend’s friend. Mina had recently posted a photo with a man whom she later confirmed to be her boyfriend. A netizen responded saying that the man was actually the netizen’s friend's boyfriend whom Mina had contacted and then they began a relationship. Mina had consistently defended herself and her boyfriend by stating that she did chat with the man but did not initiate anything about a relationship until he broke up with the netizen’s friend, with whom the guy’s relationship had already deteriorated. Things escalated when Mina shared that she was receiving death threats and even rude words from the other girl’s father. Mina revealed the boy’s name as Mr.Yoo, addressing him by his surname. 


However, when screenshots and evidence were shared, it was clear that Mr. Yoo had not broken up when he started meeting Mina. Instead, he was lying to the girl. AOA’s fans released a statement from their side where they even involved the past controversy and allegation Mina made against former AOA bandmate Jimin regarding bullying. To respond to all of this, Mina posted a lengthy message on her Instagram handle where she talked about all the allegations, misunderstandings, revelations and her perspectives. Mina began by describing how she and Mr.Yoo got closer and he was the one who approached her. She explained that till now she was defending herself and talking in a cold argumentative tone because she thought that if they had broken up and were not together anymore, then there's no reason for people accusing her and hating on her.


Mina wrote that she only learned about the truth from Mr.Yoo after seeing the posts by his ex-girlfriend and seeing the messages they shared. She then apologized to the ex-girlfriend of Mr.Yoo and their acquaintances. Mina thanked them for bravely posting their concerns so that she could learn the truth about Mr.Yoo. She accepted being a cheater and perpetrator since she only listened to one side of the story and not the entire truth. She cleared up that she did not receive death threats but there were threats of similar level which invoked fear. Along with it, she even made it clear that the ex-girlfriend’s father’s words were not very rude and she only wrote down what she heard from other people. She empathized with the father of the girl, mentioning that he would naturally react like this if he came to know that a guy was cheating on his daughter. About the AOA’s fans’ message and Shin Jimin, Mina questioned why people were bringing that up since she has nothing to do with this. Mina reiterated that in that matter, she is the victim and asked fans to not bring her up since she does not want to talk about it. 


Mina concluded with a deep sincere apology. She stated that she is no longer dating Mr.Yoo and apologized for being irresponsible and disappointing people. Mina affirmed that she will become more responsible regarding her actions from now on.


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