Former AOA member Mina warns malicious commenters and opens up on boyfriend controversy

Published on Jun 27, 2021 03:30 PM IST  |  253.5K
Former AOA member Mina | Photo Courtesy: News1

Former AOA member Mina has responded firmly to allegations of stealing someone’s boyfriend. The allegation was from a netizen who claimed that the person who Mina revealed to be her boyfriend on Instagram was the netizen’s friend’s boyfriend. The netizen had described the ordeal that Mina and the guy talked online and she knew he was in a public relationship. Then suddenly the guy just sent an apology to the netizen’s friend, who was his girlfriend, and then was seen on Mina’s Instagram photo. Mina had responded to the allegations by stating that few of the facts were untrue as the guy had already stopped liking the netizen’s friend and Mina only began dating him after he had broken up. She had mentioned that she did not want the non-celebrity boyfriend to be harmed like this. 


Nevertheless, after this post Mina had received a lot of malicious comments which is why she posted another lengthy explanation and attached screenshots of the conversations to give evidence. She asked the public whether it is wrong to talk to someone. Her post expressed her desperate and angry plea where she mentions that the conversation between him and the guy was not forced from either side. They began talking and he opened up about how he wasn’t very happy in his relationship with the netizen’s friend. Mina says that they got close after chatting for a long time. She puts up several questions to the public, especially the commenters who she claims are the ex-girlfriend’s friends. Through them she asks if there are any rules that one cannot begin dating immediately after a break-up. Mina has signed with a label and is preparing for a comeback but such incidents and comments are hurting her as well as her boyfriend. Mina defends her boyfriend saying that he is not a cheater and that she is only replying to every commenter because she feels she is wronged and the false accusations are harming both of them. She trusts her boyfriend and asks people to trust her too. 


Mina agrees that maybe they got into a relationship quickly but she denies the allegations and states firmly that she did not steal someone’s boyfriend. She warned the people putting in hate comments that she will sue them if they continue. Mina ended with an apology too for causing a commotion like this. 


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Credits: News1