Former DAY6 member Jae continues come under fire for rude comments days after the Jamie fiasco

Jae goes through another round of criticism for his past homophobic remarks. Read ahead to know more.

Updated on Feb 09, 2022  |  11:29 AM IST |  2.4M
DAY6 Jae
DAY6 Jae; Picture Courtesy: News1

Recently, former DAY6 member Jae was criticized for his past homophobic remarks after coming under fire for his remarks against his friend and artist Jamie. He was accused of being homophobic after he stopped himself from cursing during another live stream on Twitch. This comes a month after he decided to quit DAY6 and leave JYP Entertainment. 

Previously, during a Twitch stream, Jae made a remark on Jamie saying, “I'm saying this because I'm no longer a K-pop idol, why is Jamie trying to become t***?”. On the same day, Jae said, "I want to apologize to Jamie and everyone else for all the remarks I've made." 

On January 20th, Jamie posted on her own Twitter account: "Jae apologized for his words a while ago." She continued, "Anyone close to Jae would know that he didn't mean that. He also promised to be careful when speaking in the future." 

"I told him all my feelings and he was sorry too saying he will never make that mistake or joke again." She ends with, “That's right. It's like having friends, isn't it?". She also joked that after she tagged Jae's Twitter account on her Twitter account, she joked, "So @eaJPark imma smack you if u do that one more time."  

After that he also went on to a new livestream, talking about how he realized that the words he said had an impact. He admitted that he was wrong to make such comments about another Kpop idol. He also realized that he shouldn't be making rude remarks about other people.

Meanwhile, Jae officially left his band DAY6 on December 31, 2021 and terminated his exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment. 

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