From J-hope to Nayeon: Top 5 K-pop solo artists to give mega hit songs

Let’s look at some of the mega hits by K-pop solo artists that all Kpoppers or Kpop stans played on loop and grooved on!

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From J-hope to Nayeon: Best 5 K-pop solo artists to give mega hit songs in 2022
From J-hope to Nayeon: Top 5 K-pop solo artists to give mega hit songs in 2022

K-pop became globally sensational domination almost overnight. It was as if people woke up one fine morning and became die-hard fans of K-pop singers, artists, movies, and TV shows. Nonetheless, K-pop artists did rise in popularity in a blink, but they sure are here for the long run. From their concerts, bands, albums, movies, and series to their controversies, toxic fans, and unpleasant eating habits/contracts - K-pop has been ticked in each and every hot topic and trending story!


Where we all agree is the music and songs of this South Korean music industry. Indeed they produce diverse music that every Kpopper plays on loop. In fact, even those who are not so much of K-pop fans find their music groovy. And this is not only about the K-pop bands; even the K-pop solo artists are giving back-to-back massively fantastic hits, making people go gaga globally. From trying out unconventional yet innovative concepts to experimenting with assorted tones and including beautifully unique contrasts in their music videos, K-pop soloists are undoubtedly ruling the music and entertainment industry with their iconic mega hits in 2022.


Enough praise; now, let's take a look at the five best K-pop solo artists who gave super mega hits in 2022 (in no particular order) and enraptured their fans, a-k-a, Kpop stans.


Top 5 K-pop solo artists to give mega-hit songs in 2022


Below is the list of songs by K-pop solo artists or soloists that people all over the world enjoyed the most, making them some of the most played K-pop songs in 2022.


1. J-hope - More

J-hope, a globally renowned BTS superstar, is one of the most streamed K-pop solo artists. He made his debut as a Korean soloist with his album Jack in the Box in July 2022. The album's song, More, added another dimension to the fame and fan following of J-hope (not to forget that he already has an empire of dedicated fans, a-k-a, ARMYs, who absolutely adore his talented singing and rapping). Contrary to his sunshine boy image, the K-pop soloist's debut song, More, has a hip-hop punk theme, which further made his fans and music lovers go bananas all across the world, thus landing him on the list of the top 5 K-pop solo artists to give mega hits in 2022!


2. Nayeon - Pop!

Nayeon is an immensely popular K-pop artist of the Korean band TWICE. She debuted in June 2022 as a K-pop soloist with the seven-track album Extended Play IM NAYEON, wherein she is seen as the lead singer in one of her songs, Pop!. For this song, Nayeon collaborated with other talented K-pop artists including Stray Kids’ Felix and Wonstein. Just like her, her lead single song Pop! is bubbly, entertaining, and sweet with refreshing beats and has the same vibe as the other songs of the band TWICE. The gigantic success of the song led to it scoring the 7th spot on the US Billboard 200. With more than 123 million views on YouTube, this K-pop solo artist bagged the highest-selling female act of the year (when released).


3. B.I - BTBT

B.I, or Kim Han-bin, is a name every K-pop fan has heard of. He debuted in 2015 with iKon, a boy band, where he was the lead. However, he left the group in 2019 and started working on the solo debut of his single album, Midnight Blue, which came out in 2021, along with Waterfall, a full-length studio album. In May 2022, B.I pre-released his single, BTBT, featuring in the album, Love or Loved, and (gosh) his fans become unconsciously addicted to the song, making them go crazy worldwide. The song also featured DeVita and Soulja Boy, made more than enough noise in the music industry, and even continuously trended on Instagram. Not only is the music groovy, but the choreography is also stunningly noteworthy, making this song by a K-pop solo artist on the list of the top 5 K-pop solo artists to give mega hits in 2022!


4. Jessi - Zoom

Jessi was (and to date remains) also the first K-pop artist to sign a contract with P Nation, PSY’s record label, in 2019 and went on to deliver enormous hits until the contract came to an end in July 2022 when they parted ways. She released her song, Zoom, as a K-pop soloist in April 2022, and in September, this music video crossed over 126 million views on YouTube, making it land on our list of the top 5 K-pop solo artists to give mega hits in 2022! This groovy track even went viral on Instagram and Tik Tok upon its release, and Kpoppers could not stop playing it on repeat and even created their own versions and dance moves on it. Before this track, Jessi had gained immense commercial success and love for her singles - Don’t Touch Me and Nunu Nana.


5. Jackson Wang - Blow

Jackson Wang, yet another highly popular K-pop artist, is a member of the K-pop band GOT7. He released Mirrors, his debut album, in 2019, which straightaway went on the Billboards 200 list gaining the spot at 32nd position. Apart from his hugely successful debut, Jackson has been in the headlines for his breathtaking Coachella and 88rising HITC performances, leaving his fans speechless and mesmerized. But even all this glory does not come anywhere near to the uproar his single album, Blow, made. Jackson, as a K-pop solo artist, released Blow on 31 March 2022, and it almost immediately took over the internet by storm and also went viral on Instagram and Tik Tok. The official video of Blow has more than 28.8 million views on Youtube, reflecting Jackson Wang's creativity, uniqueness, and originality, earning him a spot in the Top 5 K-pop solo artists to give mega-hit songs in 2022 list.


That's a wrap. This was our curated list featuring the Top 5 K-pop solo artists to give mega-hit songs in 2022 (in no particular order).


Who is your favorite K-pop solo artist (or soloist)? And which of their songs do you play on repeat? Tell us in the comments section below!


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Are there any female K-pop solo artists?
Yes. Ailee, IU, Nayeon, Jay Park, IU, Jessica Jung, HyunA, Dean, Heize, and Jessi are some of the famous female K-pop solo artists or soloists.

Who is the most popular K-pop solo artists?
Lee Ji-Eun (or IU) is one of the most popular K-pop solo artists.

Who is the best solo song in K-pop?
SOLO by JENNIE is one of the best solo songs of all time in K-pop.

Who is the No 1 K-pop singer?

Who is the most popular solo artist in K-pop 2022?
Kim Taehyung, a-k-a V, is the most popular solo artist in K-pop 2022.

Which K-pop solo music video has the most views?
Lalisa 'Lisa' Manobal is a solo K-pop artist who gained 73.6 million views in just 24 hours with her single, LALISA, and became one of the most viewed K-pop soloists.

Who is the most streamed Korean solo artist?
J-Hope of BTS

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