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TXT at the Global Media Showcase of their comeback, The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE (Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC)

The global media showcase for TXT’s comeback album The Chaos chapter: FREEZE was held online today, on May 31 at 3 PM KST. The members had a fun time talking about ther album and the stories behind it! Let us take you through everything that happened at the Global Media Showcase! It started with a concept trailer of their album and then walked in the members, looking all handsome in a black and white suit. What’s interesting was that instead of pockets on the right side, members had different shapes in white color. The youngest member, Huening Kai, had a white heart on his coat and was seen sporting a lace choker. Members Taehyung and Beomgyu wore scarves around their neck and everyone stood proud, tall, and a bit nervous!


The press conference started with the host asking them about the concept trailer and what is the overall concept of The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE. Yeonjun spoke up and said that it is the beginning of the second chapter, after the boys in the previous album. It talks about the experience of ordinary days that are now shaken up in a teenagers’ life all around the world. The group’s leader, Soobin, added that it is similar to the feeling of a teenager’s growth and experiences being attacked but meeting someone you love, is the cure to the wounds. 


The host then asked about the rightfully deserved hyped up title track 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) and what are their thoughts on it. Huening Kai answered that it’s about a boy filled with confusion in today’s world scenario. Beomgyu also spoke up saying that the lyrics for the song are great and the song is really emotional. Especially the verse ‘I know you love me’ made him feel really nice and will definitely tug at the right heartstrings. Soobin also added that the first time they heard it after recording, it was very moving and emotional for him. He shared a funny incident saying that they all tried to pretend that the song wasn’t emotional or moved them much, but then Yeonjun said that it was out loud! Other members then chimed in saying that it was definitely a wild moment because of how emotional it was. 


One interesting thing that fans, or MOAs, noticed was the label of the british Netflix show ‘The End of The F….ing World’ on Soobin’s outfit in the concept trailer. The host asked whether this was a conscious choice and if yes, what was the reason behind it. Soobin then replied that all the members tried to watch other shows and types of media to understand the feelings and emotions better. They watched the British show and felt that the emotions in it really reflected the song’s emotions they wanted to portray. He added that that is why they wanted to add this little touch to draw the emotions through the music. 


The host then asked about the title track’s very unique title, as it contains both numbers and words. He asked the significance behind it and Beomgyu replied that it’s similar to a math equation. In the 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You), ‘0’ denotes the world and also the boy’s heart - which is now empty, like a hole. The ‘1’ denotes 'you' that is the only one who can save them in this chaotic world.


When asked for highlights that the fans should look forward to, members expressed their answers beautifully. Huening Kai listed down almost everything, saying that he thinks the lyrics, the melody, the choreography are the highlights. However, he was quick to add that the most important thing to watch out for is how they express their emotions through the song. For Taehyun, it is the flow of emotions that each member portrays on the stage. Yeonjun also chimed in and shared a prepping up incident saying that this is their first choreography with only handheld mics so there were some mistakes and awkwardness, like the mic falling and others. But they practiced a lot to not make those mistakes again. 


The host then moved on to talk about their collaborations with other artists. The first one is with singer Seori for their title track 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You). Yeonjun shared that all the members have their own distinct voice but they thought that they could express more emotions with a different voice. That’s when they reached out to Seori and she gladly accepted. He also thanked Seori for working with them. Taehyun added to Yeonjun’s comment saying that “There’s no right or wrong when it comes to music” and the first time he heard the song, he was surprised at how good Seori's voice blended with all of theirs was! 


The conversation moved on to the hottest topic that garnered a lot of attention - BTS’ RM being credited as a lyricist in the title track. When asked about how that happened, leader Soobin shared that their CEO and PD Bang Si Hyuk was stuck on the song was for about three months. Then one day, PD Bang Si Hyuk went to RM and asked him to help with the lyrics if he liked the song and RM gladly accepted it. He then shared a behind-the-scenes moment saying that after the song was produced, there were a couple of options for its title and everyone had mixed opinions about it. Then RM gave his opinion and said 0X1=LOVESONG sounds better, so that was finalized. The host then jokingly asked, “Oh so between PD Bang Si Hyuk and RM, RM won?” The members laughed and Soobin answered, “I guess,” while laughing. 


Huening Kai also shared that when he first heard RM was working on their album, he excitedly ran to him and thanked him. RM told him that it was no problem and said “Please sing it nicely”. The members also said that working with international producers gave them a motivational boost and encouraged them to work harder. 


The members then talked a bit about them actively taking part in songwriting and producing for this second full-length album. Noteworthy things to look forward to are the wordplay Soobin did for the song Ice Cream, called 소악행 in Korean. It sounds similar to a word in Korean that is defined along the lines of ‘small happiness’. Taehyun answered that the members are now trying to do more than just sing as TOMORROW X TOGETHER and broaden their spectrum as artists. Huening Kai talked about ‘Dear Sputnik’ - the first song he has ever produced. He talked about how it came into being by sharing that he made the demo version first on a software he used since he was a child, and just sent it to the company saying this is just a sample. He received a good reaction for it and he gradually developed it from there. He also shared that the song has a carefree vibe.


The members also talked about their experience for their first all-English song Magic. Yeonjun started off by saying that this is their gift for the fans all over the world. He added that because it’s their first English song, they wanted to make it as perfect as possible and hopes that MOAs will enjoy listening to it. Beomgyu also shared his thoughts by saying that he worked really hard on his pronunciation because it is the first all-English song. The members also smoothed out every single detail for this first try. 


When asked about their comeback goals, Soobin replied saying that they would like to get Number 1 on music shows because they’ve worked so hard for it. But he also added that regardless of the results, he sincerely hopes that MOAs enjoy the songs and the performance. Yeonjun revealed his wishes that he would want to be called the ‘Fourth Generation Leaders’ or ‘Fourth generation IT boys’. These will definitely make the group feel happier. Huening Kai added that TXT as a group releases music in their own style, that other groups can’t, and that’s why fans can relate to the stories more. Especially teenagers. He said that he would want the team to be known as the team that best represents today’s youth. 


The boys then performed their powerful song 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You). The members were all dressed in loose, holed tshirts and dull-black ripped denims. They went for an emotional, angsty teenager look that even visually presents how chaotic their world has become. The choreography is definitely dynamic and refreshing. It also has the group’s signature picking-up-a-member move. Soobin and Yeonjun have a bridge choreography where they perform together and it’s extremely soothing and sweet to the ears. 


When the segment of answering international questions came up, a reporter asked about the worries and concerns they think teens have today, as their albums always try to sympathise and resonate with them. Taehyun then talked about the Japanese radio program that he and Huening Kai were hosts of, called ‘Listen’. It is the only radio show that talked about the youth’s concern. He shared that he and Huening Kai would read many letters from the teenagers that would either focus on studies or would largely focus on the pandemic and the confusion. So they tried to reference that when it came to talking about what ordinary young people are going through. 


Soobin then added that earlier, they created the song ‘We Lost the Summer’ that showcased the emotions of teenagers missing out on their daily lives and remembering the life before pandemic. This time, they have a song called No Rules which everyone should look forward to. 


A reporter then asked them about the legacy they would like to leave, as TOMORROW X TOGETHER, five or ten years down the line. Beomgyu replied saying that he really wants to move people’s hearts through the group’s music. He also said that he wishes viewers remember that a particular song made their heart flutter the first time they heard it or that they feel connected to it. 


When asked about which song resonates the most with each member, Yeonjun replied saying No Rules and Magic, while for Huening Kai, it was his first-ever produced song Dear Sputnik, which means a lot to him. 


As the time was over, the boys then bid farewell by politely bowing and asking for lots of support and love for their new album.


The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE will release today, May 31 at 6 PM KST (2:30 PM IST)


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