G-Dragon tests negative in drug hair follicle test, awaits fingernail evidence outcome

Ex BIGBANG member G-Dragon has cleared drug hair follicle test as his results have come back negative. Now the rapper awaits fingernail evidence and its outcome.

Updated on Nov 20, 2023   |  01:38 PM IST  |  60.3K
G-Dragon (Image Credits- Getty Images)
G-Dragon (Image Credits- Getty Images)
Key Highlight
  • G-Dragon tested negative in his hair follicle test meaning no drugs were found
  • The rapper is awaiting results for fingernail samples he submitted as a part of the drug testing

Trigger Warning: This article contains references to drug addiction

Former BigBang member G-Dragon has reportedly tested negative in his drug hair follicle test. While awaiting the results of the fingernail evidence, the rapper, who faced accusations of drug abuse, was booked by the police. It was confirmed that he would undergo questioning and a drug test on November 6.

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G-Dragon clears follicle test, moves onto nail test

Hankook Ilbo reported on November 19 that former BIGBANG member G-Dragon has tested negative in his hair follicle test. On November 6, the idol voluntarily visited the police station, providing urine, hair, and nail samples, all of which returned negative results in the rapid urine screening. The police are presently engaged in a thorough examination of the fingernail samples submitted by G-Dragon as part of their ongoing investigation.

In a prior interview with Yonhap News, G-Dragon confidently stated that the expected outcome would naturally be negative since he has never used drugs and has never been involved in providing them to anyone. The prospect of drugs being detected in his system would be particularly strange, according to the artist.

In a recent related development, actor Lee Sun Kyun encountered 'inconclusive results' in his leg hair follicle test. The National Forensic Service cited insufficient sample size, making it impossible to test for drugs.


More about G-Dragon’s drug case

BIGBANG's G-Dragon addressed the ongoing drug use case against him during a media interaction on November 6, just before his scheduled police questioning. He re-emphasized that he has no connection to drugs and is at the police station to disclose the truth. Responding to a question about whether he bleached his hair to evade drug testing, he denied it, stating that he intentionally chose not to dye his hair. When queried about his involvement in the case of the doctor accused of supplying drugs and an adult entertainment establishment in Gangnam, he responded, “We'll have to see.”

Following G-Dragon's voluntary police questioning, there were reports circulating about the idol removing his body hair. The police had issued a statement regarding the hair and urine test, noting that G-Dragon lacked the necessary body hair for the test. In response to this allegation, G-Dragon's lawyer made an official statement, refuting the reports of body hair removal as false information.

Disclaimer: If you know someone who is struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, please reach out to the authorities and report it. There are several helplines available for the same.

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