Ginny Weds Sunny Review: Vikrant Massey may be cute but we'd advise you not to RSVP this boring AF wedding

Ginny Weds Sunny Review: Ginny Weds Sunny is a textbook lesson on how a romantic comedy should not be done irrespective of the talented leads Vikrant Massey and Yami Gautam's tangible chemistry. Read the full review below.
Ginny Weds Sunny released today, i.e. October 9, 2020, on NetflixGinny Weds Sunny Review: Vikrant Massey may be cute but we'd advise you not to RSVP this boring AF wedding
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Ginny Weds Sunny

Ginny Weds Sunny Cast: Vikrant Massey, Yami Gautam

Ginny Weds Sunny Director: Puneet Khanna

Ginny Weds Sunny Stars: 2.5/5

There's a sequence in Ginny Weds Sunny when our lovesick male lead cracks a lame dad joke at the 'modern' female lead with the latter responding, "So cheesy!" It seems to be that the writers Navjot Gulati and Sumit Arora were all talk and no action to their own script which was an outdated, stereotypical North Indian romantic comedy that takes cheesiness to infinite levels of plain annoyance.

Saving you the trouble from wasting two precious hours of your life, Ginny Weds Sunny centers on a goofball with a heart of gold Sunny Sethi (Vikrant Massey), whose sole reason to get married is the fact that he wants to open his own restaurant: Tilak Nagar Tandoori Nights. But his hippy father Pappi (Rajeev Gupta) wants him to get hitched first. On the other hand, we have our slightly modern version of Simi Taparia from Indian Matchmaking in the always effervescent Ayesha Raza as Shobha Juneja, who is able to get everyone married except her 'liberal social activist who trips on Badshah and Mika Singh songs' daughter Ginny Juneja (Yami Gautam).

As expected, Shobha sets her eyes on Sunny as her potential son-in-law and literally gives him her blessings to stalk her daughter and force her to fall in love with him. While initially reluctant to Sunny's advances, bonding over daddy issues and eating Dhaba food (because desi feels!), Ginny's heart melts. Alas, comes the comedic trope in the name of Nishant Rathee (Suhail Nayyar), Ginny's on and off ex-boyfriend who always has three-pointers to make like a PowerPoint presentation. It's the constant confusion for Ginny to choose between the two mamma's boys.

If reading this half-baked plot was exhaustive enough, fathom having to watch it! What's disheartening is the waste of talent amid the two leads, Vikrant and Yami. While their chemistry had the fresh bed of roses vibes, their atypical characters spoiled the broth. Massey has what it takes to be the lover boy chocolate hero but somehow he's extremely mismatched as Sunny. On the other hand, Yami aces it as Ginny but the character trope of the rebellious 'My life, my choice' has been done and dusted by the actress; dating back to Vicky Donor.

It's impossible to not be charmed by Ayesha's screen presence as Shobha but even she can't save this disaster of a script. While on a mission to apparently break rom-com stereotypes, it's almost made a mockery of instead. And, the dialogues were almost painful to even leave behind a snicker. Rather, attention to detail was given more when it came to the baseless songs which abruptly put a stop to the plot and didn't further the narrative in any way. Imagine Badshah, Mika Singh and Neha Kakkar just jumping out of nowhere to sing an extremely sour version of Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag; Take that in!

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Given the title name, you know how the story ends with the plot twists leaving us irked with ill feelings. No matter how adorable Vikrant Massey is on-screen, we'd advise you not to RSVP this boring AF wedding.

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Anonymous 2 months ago

What a lovely guys should stop your baseless critics thing otherwise dabba band hone me time nai hain...

Anonymous 2 months ago

The trailer is something and movie is something. Thought it to be a comedy but it's something usual love story.

Anonymous 2 months ago

yami is overconfident about her beauty

Anonymous 2 months ago

Vikrant should not be doing such run of the mill movies which are so formulaic. He does not need to prove himself. Yami is generally wasted in all her movies.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Of course but then you Khali peeli is awesome! No bias there

Anonymous 2 months ago

Exactly! Stop promoting Nepo kids! We demand fresh talent

Anonymous 2 months ago

Worsr movie