Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon’s new Y2K teaser for Weekend leaves us wanting more

3 weeks ago  |  76.3K
Taeyeon at promotions, Picture Courtesy- News1

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon has been trending for the past week and it has to do with her exciting new comeback! She has been releasing concept photos and her fans have been excitedly waiting for the MV. To keep the fans wanting for more, she released a teaser for ‘Weekend’ and it definitely has raised the expectations! 

The teaser featured Taeyeon working in a bright and aesthetically pleasing office and listening to music on a boombox. As soon as her boss comes in, she pauses the song which makes time sit still as well. In 28 seconds, she managed to tease the different aspects of the video in a creative and aesthetic way. 

Recently, a new controversy arose around the leaking of Taeyeon’s MV teaser by the KBS show ‘Mr. House Husband 2’. The show released 20 seconds of the song during the credits and the teaser had yet to be released at the time. Netizens believed it to be a spoiler as they were waiting for the MV and KBS is currently investigating the accusation, to prove if it was a leak after all or not. 

The MV is set to release on July 6th 6pm KST and Taeyeon will be performing on music shows after 4 years, which keep her fans geared up for the comeback. We are sure the  bubblegum retro pop track is going to keep us on our feet all day tomorrow and we just cannot wait as well!

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