Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon & VIXX’s Ravi dating since a year? Former’s label GROOVL1N confirms

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon & VIXX’s Ravi have reportedly been dating for the past year and were even spotted together at Christmas. Ravi’s label GROOVL1N recently confirmed that the duo is indeed a couple.
Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon & VIXX’s Ravi dating since a year Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon & VIXX’s Ravi dating since a year? Former’s label GROOVL1N confirms
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According to recent reports today via Soompi, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and VIXX’s Ravi are dating!  It was Joy News 24 who initially reported that Taeyeon and Ravi have allegedly been seeing each other for a year. The news outlet said that an insider, close to the duo, opened up and explained that Taeyeon and Ravi were introduced to each other through a mutual acquaintance approximately a year ago. The outlet also said that Ravi and Taeyeon were spotted entering Ravi’s house together on Christmas day.


Taeyeon’s agency SM Entertainment said to news outlet Sports Kyunghyang, “They are only close colleagues who work on music together.” But soon after considering all the news going around the two, Ravi’s label GROOVL1N also decided to come forward and put the rumors to rest. According to the website AllKpop, they have confirmed that Ravi and Taeyeon are indeed dating. The label said, “It's true that they're dating. Please do not make any guesses so they can have a good relationship.” SM Entertainment has refusal to the claims and this new statement from Ravi’s label has added to the confusion. 


As soon as the news of both K-pop artistes dating hit the Internet, a lot of social media users rushed to Twitter to express their valuable opinions on the same. One user stated, “I’m just mind my business this has nothing to do with us it’s between Ravi and Taeyeon and if they are dating congratulations to them!!!” Another expressed, “What kind of person is Ravi? Does he have a good personality? (pls no bad intentions meant, I just have little to no information of him so I just wanna know). And if both parties confirm this then congrats to both of them! I hope Taeyeon will be happy with him.”


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