Girls’ Generation, WayV, aespa and more take on the ‘Second’ challenge

Updated on Aug 15, 2021 07:21 PM IST  |  196.9K
aespa at an event
aespa at an event : courtesy of News1

DJ HYO in the house!

The beauty from Girls’ Generation released her fifth single titled ‘Second’ with rookie solo artist BIBI on August 9. A summer dance-pop song, it has catchy beats and a fun rhythm to follow along. The 808 bass sound added with the ‘hip synergy’ that was aimed for the song, became an instant hit with the listeners.

A dance challenge was started by the singer in order to promote her song further, which has people in splits. It follows the lyrics of the song which ask people to ‘take a second’ and ‘breathe freely’ in the chaotic setting of the world. The SM family came in to lend support to Hyoyeon’s song by participating in large numbers.

The first person to take on the challenge was one of the busiest people in South Korea, Lee Soo Man, also known as the founder of SM Entertainment. Hyoyeon captioned the video with a sweet ‘our leader’ as Lee Soo Man can be seen working away on his phone, while she danced behind him.

Next were the members of the newest artists from SM Entertainment, girl group aespa’s members Winter and Karina. In this video, Hyoyeon continued to eat the food in front of her, not paying the least bit of attention to the two girls dancing behind her.

The other two aespa members reversed the roles as they chatted away and chomped down food, while Hyoyeon took on the dancing challenge behind them.

Food fest continued with fellow member Taeyeon who grooved to the easy-to-follow steps beside Hyoyeon who was once again focused on the food in front of her.

Next to hop on the train were the popular duo Donghae and Eunhyuk of SUPER JUNIOR. This time DJ HYO kept talking on her phone while the two ‘oppas’ tried the challenge.

She chose to sleep while the WayV members Ten, Yangyang and Kun did the ‘Second’ challenge. Fans could not keep their laughter in as even with Yangyang bouncing on a chair, Hyoyeon took a nap. She also gave a shoutout to Ten’s latest release ‘Paint Me Naked’.


Girls’ Generation wasn’t far behind when Sooyoung, Tiffany and Yuri featured on not one but two videos unleashing the chaotic energy that they bring together as they practised their singing and playing instruments while Hyoyeon took the challenge and reversed the roles when she started recording a song.

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