Going through a heartbreak? These light-hearted KDramas masterpieces will come to your rescue!

Published on Apr 02, 2021 05:08 PM IST  |  2.1M
Welcome To Waikiki is a fun light-hearted show featured in out list of feel good shows
Going through a heartbreak? These light-hearted KDramas masterpieces will come to your rescue!

The feeling of entering the exciting world of KDramas leaves many of us longing for more. It holds the intangible power of helping us escape the life’s woes that other shows seldomly can. And isn’t that what all of us need when we’re going through a rough phase? Whether heartbreak, loneliness, or just feel like the weather’s down - the refreshing stories and the portrayal of friendships in Kdramas are all we need to get through the day.


Thanks to 2020, KDramas are entering the mainstream entertainment world. So where there are cheesy romances and great horror thrillers, there are also many light-hearted gems that’ll make you forget your sadness. So without further ado, let’s put a smile on that face!


Reply 1988



Starting off with one of the most popular light-hearted KDrama, ‘Reply 1988’ is an absolute gem that you shouldn’t miss out on. Set in the 1980s in South Korea, a group of 5 friends and their families live together in the Ssangmundong neighbourhood. Close families, closer friends - it’s a story about how childhood friends lean on each other in their teenage years and how their relationship with each other and their families evolve with time. It’s a fun, enjoyable watch that will take you on a nostalgic ride to the world before smartphones and gadgets!


Welcome To Waikiki



If you want to laugh your heart out, this show is it. Not an intelligent humor show but a light-hearted, silly goof-ups one, it’s about friends living together in a guesthouse, trying their best to make their ends meet. Each episode is filled with unimaginable goof ups that happen in the friends' lives. The broad arc is on the three young men who want to pursue their dream of filmmaking and want to make a film. If you’re all in for crazy situations, this show will make you wish you were friends with them!


Fight For My Way



This fits right in the bill of romcom - it’s 50% romantic and 50% comedy. And all of it is 100% feel-good. Once you complete the show, it’ll make you get up, grab your supplies and pursue your dreams no matter how far they seem! Both the lead characters are ambitious and will leave no stone unturned to make them come true. It’s a different case that the universe and society has a different plan. In addition to this, they’re both childhood friends and it’s a heart-warming (and hilarious) journey to see them lean on each other, build each other up, fight, make up and eventually turn into lovers!


Oh My Ghost



What happens when a shy, timid person suddenly gets all confident? A series of funny events, that is! Especially if that ghost wants to seduce men! Our lead character (played by Park Bo Young) gets possessed by a revengeful ghost who thinks she can only find peace once she loses her virginity. She finds her perfect vessel in our lead who secretly has a crush on the rude and arrogant star chef, played by Jo Jung Suk. The show is a laughter riot as the once-timid girl suddenly has 10x the confidence she did before and tries to seduce her boss, the chef! Looking for a laughter riot? Here’s one. 


Her Private Life



When the real and fictional worlds collide, there are bound to be some consequences! Sung Deok Mi (played by Park Min Young) is a die hard fan of an idol by night and a chief curator of a famous museum by day. After rumours break out of her dating the idol, the new Art Director of the museum, Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook) suggests the idea of making people believe that Deok Mi is dating him so that the idol’s fans stop threatening her. What ensues is a fun pretend play that makes them and their environment awkward, with silly situations and misunderstandings - only to of course, end with each other actually falling in love!


Sure, there are some romcoms in the list, but it’s only so that you know the kind of relationship benchmark you should have! So dry your tears, grab some popcorn or a snack, and start watching! 


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