GOT7 has Ahgase hyped up with candid moments in Encore MV teaser; K pop group launches new YouTube channel

GOT7 released a short snippet of their new song Encore, on their newly launched YouTube channel. This is their first group song since leaving JYP Entertainment.
GOT7 has Ahgase hyped up with candid moments in Encore MV teaser; K pop group launches new YouTube channel
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"We're Back!" Just a simple tweet from BamBam was enough to send fans in a tizzy. Exactly a month, since their departure from their former agency, JYP Entertainment; GOT7 members took to Instagram to post the English alphabets of the word Encore, building fans' curiosity. Jackson added green hearts to his Instagram story, fuelling the possibility of an OT7 comeback. However, Ahgases were taken by surprise, when GOT7 dropped not one but two surprises.

On February 19, the septet dropped a brand new teaser for their new MV, Encore on their newly launched YouTube channel, via Warner Music Korea. A 'black & white' wordless teaser, it showcases the seven members, BamBam, Jackson, JB, Mark, Youngjae, Jinyoung and  Yugyeom being goofy and playful with one another. A cheerful tune plays in the background, as fans can see the genuine camaraderie the members share amongst themselves. The teaser ends with the word 'Encore' written, with the letter 'O' written as a symbol of infinity. It could perhaps indicate that they are together forever or something altogether different. BamBam also released a collage of black & white pictures of the members' with their signatures on it. Below we can see Encore and GOT7 written.

You can check out Encore MV teaser below :

You can check out BamBam's Twitter post below:

Since their departure from JYP Entertainment, the members have been busy pursuing solo careers. Mark recently released a new song titled, One In A Million, alongside EDM producer Sanjoy. Yugyeom has signed with Jay Park's AOMG and is in the process of releasing new music. Jinyoung will be appearing in the courtroom drama, Devilish Judge. Encore's official MV drops on February 20 KST.

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