GOT7's Jackson, BTS' RM & more: 5 Kpop idol pairs that you didn't know are BFFs for life

Did you know some of your favourite K-Pop idols were actually best friends?
Music,BTS,GOT7 GOT7's Jackson, BTS' RM & more: 5 Kpop idol pairs that you didn't know are BFFs for life
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Idols spend a lot of their time with each other regardless of their groups, owing to their promotional schedules on music shows, variety shows and more. As such, idols from different groups often grow quite close to each other, to the point of becoming best friends for life! These friendships are truly hard to find and are as cherished among the parties of the friendship as among fans because these interactions are goldmines for some of the most adorable moments ever.

GOT7's Jackson Wang and BTS' RM

Jackson and RM's friendship is one of the most iconic ones on this list. Be it Jackson whining over RM not picking up his calls and being busy all the time to RM opening up to Jackson, this relationship is something that we hope lasts till the end of time.

BLACKPINK's Lisa and GOT7's Bambam

Lisa and BamBam have been friends for much longer than you think. The two have basically grown up together. Despite being from different companies, the two share the same heritage and background, that of being Thai and thus, understand each other's struggles better than anyone else can.


MINO was one of the members in the final lineup of BLOCK B, the group P.O is in. However, his debut with the group was cancelled, owing to a conflict of interest between the company and MINO's parents. He later went on to debut under BoM, a ballad boy group. However, despite all the detours he had to take to get to where he is now, his friendship with P.O never faltered. Before BLOCK B's debut, when P.O was once kicked out of the group because ZICO disapproved of him, MINO volunteered to leave with him because their friendship was just that tight.

BLACKPINK's Rosé and GIRL'S DAY's Hyeri

Rosé and Hyeri met on the show DoReMi Market and quickly became close to each other with Hyeri reaching out to her for her number and Rosé making the first move, inviting her for a meal. Ever since then, the two have remained extremely close friends.

SNSD's Tiffany and Jessi

Tiffany and Jessi have been friends from very early on in both of their careers and the two are still just as close, perhaps even closer. As a matter of fact, the two even attended high school together in South Korea after coming from The States. The two get along magically well and their friendship is truly a special one.

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