GOT7's Jinyoung transforms into an idol in the courtroom world for upcoming tvN drama

Published on Jun 14, 2021 06:26 PM IST  |  203.8K
The official poster of The Devil Judge, courtesy of tvN.

The first stills of assessor Kim Ga On (Park Jinyoung) in tvN's new Saturday and Sunday drama The Devil Judge are raising interest. Kim Ga On, played by GOT7's Jinyoung, leads a live courtroom show in the drama as an assessor, a judge's or magistrate's assistant/advisor, belonging to the tribunal. He is a person who pursues upright justice and truth in a dystopian society where power is corrupted and greed is rampant. In particular, his character is described to have experienced rain and storm in his youth before he earned the position of the judge we see him as. His experiences gave him the courage and the position that he uses to keep an eye on the devil judge Kang Yo Han (Ji Sung).

In addition, Kim Ga On's eye-catching visuals as well as the sharpness that stabs the core during the trial is attractive enough to make the hearts of all women watching the live court show flutter, making him as popular as idols.

Kim Ga On's colorful charms can be seen in the published photos. From the dignified figure of an assessor in a robe to the expression of a young man with meaningful eyes, his firm will is conveyed intact. The appearance of wearing a backpack and trying to be verified by the security guards, and the appearance of being immersed in thoughts in plain clothes, feels different from other people with splendid appearances, raising expectations about what kind of wind Kim Ga On will create in the series.

According to the producers, "Jinyoung is perfectly immersed in the role to the extent that he is perfect for the character Kim Ga On, who has good energy and a rough rebellious temperament."

The new weekend drama The Devil Judge delivers a message of justice through a live courtroom show in which the entire nation participates in the background of a fictional dystopian Republic of Korea. The first broadcast at 9 pm KST on July 3 will begin the process of answering the question, “Is the demon judge, Kang Yo Han, who appeared in the age of chaos, a hero for everyone or a demon wearing a judge’s mask?”

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