Growl to Love Shot: Our top title song picks for EXO fan starter pack

Published on Oct 27, 2021 04:59 PM IST  |  122.6K
EXO at the '2016 Asia Song Festival'
EXO at the '2016 Asia Song Festival' : courtesy of News1

New to the EXO-L life? Here are 5 title songs we think you should know.


1. Growl:


You cannot miss out on the breakthrough track that is ‘Growl’, it launched EXO into superstardom that came about in the form of a million-seller title, after a 12-year drought in the music industry. The group only went high up from there, as ‘Growl’ launched them into the K-pop scene with unparalleled power.




Following the group’s worldwide critical and commercial success, the world awaited to check out the next card that the group will deal with. In came ‘CALL ME BABY’, with a more hip-hop vibe from the boys as they became the nation’s favourite.


3. Monster:


You can call them
Monster. The song has been a staple as EXO fever took over the world with its synchronised moves and pop feel. ‘Monster’ continues to win hearts even 5 years after its release. The music video showed a delinquent side to the boys as they fought masked men.


4. Tempo:


DON’T MESS UP MY TEMPO was EXO’s fifth studio album and has recorded the maximum sales ever for the group. ‘Tempo’ had its own style and the choreography saw multiple covers, continuing to do so even today. The thumping resumes in our ears every time we think of this song.


5. Love Shot:


This has to be the best song to describe the boy group who have found their niche. More on a sensual side, the slow-burning dance steps with scantily clad fit bodies of the members who have perfected their hold on their audience shows EXO in its best form.


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What is your favourite EXO song? Let us know below.


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