Actress taking shots to look fairer - Guess Who?

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Bollywood has always had the penchant for actresses with a fairer skin and this one seems to be the classic example of preferring the lighter skin tone! This actress, who is shooting for a forthcoming film, was asked by a famous director to take injections so as to get a fairer skin. The director wants his leading lady to look visibly fair when she appears on screen alongside her pleasant co-star and the actress, is religiously following the director's advise and has been taking shots for sometime now.

Can you guess who is this actress?

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Prachi desai...

Prachi desai must have done some kind of magical permanent skin whitening surgery/treatment. She was so dark before this- check out Kasam se..she was a typical dark-skinned Gujarati and now she has become the "gori" of the town all of sudden. SCAM!

Then why not just cast a fairer actress? I understand body transformations like for Mary Kom, but if this is BM, SLB, and Deepika, then why did he cast someone who obviously doesnt look Persian? Deepika's obviously doing an amazing job at the role, but there's definitely a hundred other girls who could have done that too. That actually look Persian as well.

I'll just comment for people who're considering fairness injections that they make people grayer not whiter. Believe me no one looks good as with gray skin.

dp as mastani is muslim fair skinned

Why does this post go in and out as no.1, clearly someone wants it to remain here...


Kajol, Deepika, Priyanka are very obviously many shades fairer than before. There are many others including male stars as well. I am a doctor and I know what shots they are taking.

Don't these shots have side effects?


Even Kangana, Anushka, Madhuri have all gone from light beige to full-on white . Even SRK and Tushar Kapoor etc.

Well. Ash , who is considered as world's most beautiful women , is openly accused many times to be Surgical. And now it's Deepika , Kajol (Most loved actresses) are being targeted for skin whitening looool. What next? Sunny Leone has implants? PV Pleaseee.

Whateverrrrr. Brown or white. I will still love DP and she will still remain the best actresss and most popular one. Any doubt Babies?

Exactly.. My thoughts.. Love u DP..

Guys its Kajol. She has been coaxed into taking these shots.

well just saw Deepika's pic on pinkvilla god she looks so white :0 what kind of shots are these? Is it safe to use them? Bcoz I known many ppl blindly follow these stars.

why do poeple be always mean on actresses? Lord Krishna was dark but modern pictorial representations, Krishna is usually shown with a blue skin.... and Why these lords are not displayed (often) in their original 'black' complexion?, Also why gods of dark complexion only are represented 'blue' in color? Fairer gods are not infinite and omnipresent to show them in 'blue'? I mean Indians always liked fair skin..and you guys call Kajol, Deepika, Priyanka, Sonakshi, Sonam,& Aishwarya dark-skinned they are way fairer skin than most of Indian it pleeeeeeeeeease

i have noticed, that every bollywood actress becomes fairer with each film...e.g. even kareena was olive brown in her first movies (refugee, yadein, ajnabee etc) and looks nowadays twilight-geisha-white in every movie. same thing with aishwarya, she was light olive brown in taal, josh etc. and looked unnatural white in umrao jaan. why are you ppl just critizising just deepika and kajol.
btw, they looked much fresher and prettier in their natural skin tone!

Lol, I can't believe you have the audacity to say that Kareena had olive skin. Kareena has always been white except for when she gets a tan or is wearing a fake one. Her direct lineage are white skinned and her mother is half white.

dipika!! she is playing persian mastani!

And then she goes preaching.

Pooja hedge for mohenjodaro...pleasant actor is hritik roshan

pleasant actor , i can relate to is Hrithik Roshan. so whover is acting opposite him.

there are so many people jealous of Deepika so taking her name. everyone almost everyone except kangna and kareen and karisma and priety were little darker when they started. the reason most of the indian skin turn more brown with even little sun exposure. then the lifestyle changes, they get a.c every where, workout indoors,better food plan, better grooming, makeup. all these contribute to make them look brighter. i understand kajol when she started in bhajigar and now her is no match. but deepika was always had just a light tan. and she sported tan in summer many a times and goes lighter in winter. she is one actress who looked the same throughout, only better groomed now.

Deepik used to look drak look at her nowadays it's Deepika

is deepika paired opposite hrithik in any movie? coz he's the only 'pleasant' actor in bollywood.

I don't care which actress it is but I wanted to share my personal experience with you all. I am a brown skinned woman who has been living in the US since age 20. Here I find people complimenting me about my complexion and telling me I have a gorgeous skin tone. When I go home and visit my family I'm called kaali and most aunties doubt how I will get married. The hypocrisy is extremely insulting.

Definitely Sonam Kapoor in PRDP.

Anyone who thinks this is Deepika is an idiot!!

agree. i think its the jealous people who dont want to accept that she is still the same and the most popular actress and a female superstar

There are no such things as injections to make your skin lighter! If such a thing exists how come nobody has ever heard of it?

Yes there are such injections, they are called glutathione shots

Deepika in BM

This has to be Deepika

This has to be Deepika

This has to be Deepika

This has to be Deepika

This has to be Deepika

Honeslty, I really don't care who it is, I think it's sad and a bad reflection to the actors and actresses that proceed with these type of treatments. What happen to being a good role model for young girls and boys that look up too you? Why can people not embrace the color of their skin, the size of their nose, the shape of their body? I have no respect for people who use fairness creams nor support rubbish like this. I think it's sad that everything is based on one's Darkeness. What's wrong with being dark skinned? I ve seen so many exotic looking people from around the world with the most beautiful smoothed darker skin. PV PLZ post.

because it's "ALL FOR YOU" with love from DEEPIKA ;)

DP's honeyed skin tone is to die for and she doesn't need any skin lightening. In fact, she would be less appealing if she is fair. If you look at BM teasers, she isn't fair. Sonam on the other hand looks fair and lovely rosy pink in PRDP teasers. Also, Rajashree's idea of beauty is fair skinned women. Remember the movie Vivah in which he pretty much made that obvious!!

LOL. lives in a denial.

Are you talking about your Kapoor lad's career?

Deepika who else, she's turned into snow white all of a sudden.

DP haters having a field day. This is not the first time haters jumping on DP when there is a slightest hint. The only credible hint given in the blind item is "famous" director. There are so many out there. It could be anyone. SLB, Ashutosh, Rohit Shetty, Sooraj Barjatya, Imitiaz, Karan...all are pretty famous. Apart from this there is no hint. What does a pleasant costar mean?? This is a pretty vague blind item. And for the same reason I think it is bogus. If it involved a famous face, words like "top" actress, "ambitious project", "upcoming blockbuster" would have been used. So for this reason I do not think it is anybody famous. Just a new comer actress trying to impress the director.

yeah, deepika's success has also made many haters.. deepika looks the same as before

Everyone clearly it is Deepika! Those saying oh I don't know who it could be, come on. Stop kidding, you know exactly who. Someone who is NOT comfortable with the skin tone she had. She was known as dusky, true indian beauty when she entered the film industry. Look at her older pictures and compare them to now, and you will know the difference. Yes all actors and actresses use skin lighting shots, (even tv actors in Pakistan have been known to use them like Danish Taimoor and Fahad Mustafa) so it is no surprise that indian FILM actors are using them. I don't find anything wrong with it, they are in the film industry and have to sell their image. They do whatever it takes. But the idea that being light skinned makes you look better in appearance is so dumb. She is a beautiful young woman and her light skin is sending messages to young girls all over india telling them you can't be beautiful if you have dark skin. WHICH IS NOT TRUE. We indians are bestowed with the most beautiful skin tone that suits our features. I am proud of my dark skin tone and would never want to change it. Kajol is also another actresses who looks 5 shades lighter than what she used to be. Such a shame for the message it is sending to others all over the world.

Deepika...its so obvious...she has started looking sooo white.

While this could be anyone, legend goes that Mastani was so fair that when she swallowed paan one could see it go down her throat. When Deepika was first cast for this role, this was what came to my mind, that ideally a very fair girl should have been cast, not because fair is good but because Mastaani had a very fair, delicate complexion.

Thats why i feel anushka would have been ideal for the role. I can't even see deepika as a persian woman, she looks nothing like a persian. Infant she is very south indian looking esp with the features, not that theres anything wrong with it. Anushka looks fully and wholly Persian!


lets not bash only Deepika. they all do that. they all want to be 'fair and lovely". Inferiority complex is very deep in indian society.

its priyanka chopra.look how she looked in her intial films..and look her now...pheww

DP for the role of Persian Mastani, cast against pleasant looking RS.

Deepika she was very darker before now she is all white.

Deepika's skin tone has changed drastically.So has Kajol's for that matter

DP !

many names are coming into my mind priyanka,lisa etc but nothing can beat the difference in the shade of kajol and deepika they have gone from being dark to almost these girls are obssesed with fair skin

The fact that injections like these exists is seriously messed up!

Joke apart it is amitabh bachchan.

yes deepika looks fair sometime its because of makeup!! why need any injections if someone looks fair with makeup...!??! what a childish blind item..!!! carefully watch BM teaser ....she looks fair in teaser?? whatever but this lady is not deepika....! in tamasha she done makeup.. we can show that her character not need any fairness...imtaiz know this...! so haters take a rest...pls post..

lol whity deepika

Deepika Be Like'Skin lightening is my Hobby, I will marry Ranbir Kapoor one day currently busy using with overenthusiastic PR team to attacked other

LMAO so true. The same people who were criticizing Sonam for looking darker after coming from her beach vacation.

Says a Sonam Kapoor fan... LOL!

Pooja hedge for mohenjodaro...pleasant actor is hritik roshan . Thats sad.

it's deepika! complexion speaks louder

its DP for sure, its a clear evidence that she has resort to skin lightening after delivering failure movies previously. Dont you notice that she is so much fairer now ? She didnt do it drastically but gradually her skin has lightened

DEEPIKA PADUKONE for obvious reasons

What Kind of shots?? I didnt know there is any such thing to make you look fairer. Anyway mot of the actress are dark except Katrina and Kareena.

Its deepika padukone have u all noticed her totaly gone white in " heer to badi sad hai "....

Not enough hints, it could be anyone. Also if it was DP wouldn't they say something more then "pleasant" co-star.

I think it is Pooja Hedge for Mohenjadaro. The blind says "pleasant co-star", Ranveer is more olive skinned than the actresses in it so it can't be him. Has to ne Hrithik.

If it is Pooja Hegde the article would clearly mention " a new comer actress" and the whole article would have been shaped as what all compromises new comers have to do to enter bollywood.. So it is definitely a famous actress.
Also, if Ashutosh wanted a fair looking actress he would have taken one, rather than taking a new comer actress and asking her to take shots.. Common sense!

hahaha DP !

DEEPIKA obviously, notice her skin tones has been changing ever since her first movie to now.

Kajol, is the only one who has gone straight from black to fair..

I think its Deepika. She's almost looking white these days

its called grooming, less sun and make up. indian skin can change various shade with more sun to less sun and no sun. i can lool 4 shades lighter in winter and darker in summer. i use different mac shades for summer and winter.

the director should move to hollywood to make english movie with english actors.

That explains the fair complexion of Deepika.

Come on its obvious its DP, look how fair she is coma red to before. Blind fans need to stop being in denial

Its dp. She is alot fairer now

Deepika Padukone! she is getting fairer and fairer.

My guess is either DP or Pooja Hegde. But I don't think Ashutosh's the type who'd give such rubbish orders-- think of gracy singh, PC, DP... most of his leads have been brown skinned women. I think it SLB-- he's made some whack demands in the past + Mastaani is supposed to be a Persian princess?? Oh, and Kajol's been doing it since before dilwale. The lighter-kajol stories first came out in 2013-14. It aint PC for sure-- she looks pretty brown, in her usual skin tone on Quantico.


Deepika very obvious!

deepika padukone no wonder her skin tone these days appears to be more and more lighter. she's never been so fair ever since her modeling days but these days she looks like a new person. and not forgetting her nose job and hair transplant.

Deepika and SLB - because Deepika is playing a Persian Muslim princess who has to look white

Deepika, its so obvious they've tried to do it for her look as Mastani

Kajol or Deepika. But it is their choice to look how they want to look.

its Deepika in Bajirao Mastani .....Deepika injected herself to look white for Bajirao Mastani !!!

I think it's your favourite, Sooraj B's heroine's are all usually fair skinned. Sonam is the darkest of them all.

Give Yourself a Break hun Sonam is a natural beauty ......We All Know Deepika s One Year Wonder Even the song Deewani Mastani They white washed her face to make her look Persian !!!!

Deepika P!

But make up is enough to make someone look way fairer than they are..

lol .. Finally the Truth Revealed ! it's KAJOL ! Guys have you seen her skin how it become white ? just look at her in Baazigar N Now in Dilwale pics ? :/ so damn white !

kajol is brown skinned and continues to be.

It could be just about anyone ( or everyone ) ! Even the men have a visibly lighter complexion now than when they started out. The more famous honey complexioned actresses are Priyanka , Deepika , Sonakshi, Sonam & Kajol . I can see SLB dishing out such commands ,or maybe Ashutosh Gowarikar to Pooja Hegde who will act opposite a very good looking man!

Exactly. It can be anyone or everyone. I thought Sonakshi was naturally fair though (at least on her without makeup pictures). You should add Aishwarya to your list too. Her skin tone changes so much from time to time. It could be just the makeup though

Kajol? Prachi?

I think it's either Deepika or Kajol because Deepika looks really white in SLBs BM teaser and her character requires that, and Kajol has a new skin tone as well. It can't be PC since she's shooting Quantico and has her natural skin tone, which is actually preferred in the west.

Pooja Hegde , film Mohenjodaro

Kajol, she is obsessed with fairness.


Lisa Haydon

Priyanka chopra

deepika who has surgery on her unshaped nose,hair transplantions and skin lightening.if u compare her old pics with new,u will get,new botox deepika

DP has natural beauty , her features are same as 8 years before, get your eyes checked


Poor Kajol. Feeling bad for her. She's being forced to look fairer. Not fair.

Kajol, Deepika, Priyanka and ANushka have long been taking these injections, so who is it? Sonam?

Anushka is light skinned naturally look at her childhood pics

Anushka is naturally fair and has always been fair.

She has been fair but now she is white. There was also a blind about her doing some harmful fairness treatment a while back.

Dude this is a bogus article. If they were such shots everybody would do that. That is why we have photoshop and air brush techniques...

the article can be bogus but these treatments are available. They are extremely expensive & have side effects e.g. Glutathione Skin Whitening Injections

Sonam Kapoor for PRDP

I know this is not exactly Kangana Ranaut not Karisma and Kareena (both of them are very bright), so who is it? Maybe Deepika and Priyanka (they are dark-skinned) and both the film comes out soon. Personally, I love Indian women for the beautiful swarthy skin

Pooja Hegde , film Mohenjodaro

Actress Kajool , director rohit shaty, forth coming film delwale

Katrina kaif (whose poupler for taking an surgeries help to look young and beautiful ) whose filming for fittor which plays an rule of astela and famous director is an abishak kapoor.

prachi desai

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