Bollywood’s tall beauty and the handsome hunk are dating...we bring you the scoop

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She is believed to have a voracious appetite for men, and this light-eyed actor with the magnificent body, is single and ready to mingle for quite some time now. 

A little birdy gives us a scoop. She tells us that the tall lass and the beauty with brain - who just split from her boyfriend, and the handsome hunk, who, apparently is hopping from one babe to another, are bonding big time these days. 

At the surface, it looks like just an another fling; nothing serious...insiders say they are just dating and are often spotted in coffee shops. It could be that the lady in question decided to ditch her not-so-old-date to go for this one. 

Probably the actor, who often displays his philosophical side and goes on and on with his long lectures, has got hooked on to the Bollywood diva and finds her irresistible due to her passion for poems, shayaris and ghazals. 

But, wait a we told you earlier about her voracious appetite for men...she changes boyfriends the way we change our clothes, it is possible that she would have moved on by the time you read this.

Well, who could these be? Keep guessing...

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katrina and hrithik. she always had her eyes on him

It's Hrithik roshan and sushmita sen ..... She's fond Urdu, shyari, poem

wonder how will kat try to make rk stay with her now,he doesn't love her,but he loves having her at least for the time being,she knows that too, that's why she spreads rumors and links herself to other movie stars but who will she use now,HR,Sallu,ARK,sid are all off the market,bet that's why she was crying at a church,she's praying she finds another man to use,the poor thing is running out of ways to get the guy who won't for the life of her marry or even commit to her,can't say i feel sorry for her,u lose him the way u got him,rk too is lifeless,miserable,pinning and regretting losing the love of his life for someone he can only stand in small doses,long story short karma does exist and i oh so love it,pv plz post

Its definitely Hrithik and Bipasha!

breaking up with her boyfriend for another man wow such a good woman congratulation hrithik bravo sussane for your decision if the blind item is true despite the fact i feel bad for their kids

Article isn't good enough, you know what's good....Comments ;)

Beauty with brain certainly not Deepika so its Sushmita Sen

Its kat and Hrithik, because recently there was a news about kat and ranbirs splits. Its not sushmita, she doesn't change boyfriend like cloths and kat is enough tall and some people called her intelligent. Thats why they wrote it as beauty with brain.

she's not intelligent,no intelligent woman wastes 6 years of her life waiting for a player to commit to her

no it's not kat,it's sushmita,now poor kat can't now use HR or RK to stay in the news,tsk,tsk

voracious appetite for men - SUSHMITA SEN ONLY

Shahrukh Kajal

Sushmita Sen and Hrithik Roshan no doubt.

voracious appetite for men? that is definitely Deepika! Nihal Pandey, M S Dhoni, Yuvraaj Singh, Ranbir Kapoor, Siddharth Mallya, Ranveer Singh etc.. all for voracious appetite for men.

pv post my comments.

trying very hard?? all know that she is not deepika...

Deepika DOES NOT have light eyes.

Ooops! Light eyes is for the guy....never mind carry on with your theory. =/

Hrithik Roshan?

Sonam and hritik

Sushmita n Hrithik look good together.

I thought something was going on with Hrithik and Lisa Ray...

Lisa is not tall... I don't think it's her.
When I hear "tall" my first thought is Deepika... then Sushmita. But Deepika won't break up so soon. Sushmita? Who knows what her relationship status is. But yes, she does seem to have an appetite for shayari etc.

+ Lisa has been happily married to Jason Dehni since 2012. I even helped her pick songs for her sangeet so please let's not even soil her name with this blind item.

If its Hritik and Bipasha. Great. They both will very very together. I hate KSG playboy. I want Bipasha to settle down, she has been terribly unlucky in love always. Harman was the best for her I think but that over. But HRITIK and BIPASHA would look FIRE! Some one CAST THEM

Voracious appetite for men/ women? who writes this shit? The author of the article needs to get laid!!! Looks like no one has an appetite for the author.

Rekha and hrithik

Sushmita is known for her beauty and her brains, she has hazel eyes and boy is she tall (5'10), I googled pictures of her with Hrithik and they look good together. Blessed be if the hookup is true.

Its Amitabh bachchan and dolly bindra.

lol that was hilarious

Its Amitabh bachchan and dolly bindra.

Its Amitabh bachchan and dolly bindra.

amitji and radhemaa make a cool couple yaaar

Sushmita and Hrithik, but i dont like the pairing

wow... i hope it's Sush with Hrithik... i think they're both beautiful people, inside and out..

If it is Sush and Hrithik then its the best jodi ever

Katrina cannot be Beauty with "Brains".

+ she doesn't have light eyes.

you misread it. the light-eyed bit is for MALE actor with magnificent body! Reread it! But I do agree its not Katrina. bad. Thanks for correcting me.

No Bollywood actor ever dare to date Sushmita. Why? Only Bollywood people know that secret.

She had a long relationship with Randeep Hooda.

sush & hrithik...they will make a beautiful couple although I think sush is too fierce for HR (in a good way). Cant be Bipasha, she isnt "beauty with brains" or John would have married her and not gone after the educated Priya Raunchal.

My god I can't believe Sushmita is actually younger than Hrithik

The Handsome hunk is Salman Khan And Hrithik Roshan.....Beauty with brain Has to be Sushmita Sen And Kangana Ranaut people who think Kangana is not tall well She's pretty tall Her is Height: is 5ft 8in !!!!!

omg sushmita and hrithik would be the hottest couple

Krk tweeted : it's sushmita lol

Bipasha basic has liking for poems and hazels. Light eyes guy Hrthik

Blind item so blind i got blind..

Hrithik katrina. Kat is so desperate to get married

there is only one person who is beauty with brains. sushmita sen

This clearly Hrithik -Sushmita or Hrithik - Bipasha. but who said that Kangana not "beauty queen?" In my opinion Kangana is very beautiful, it has a charm that makes it different from other faceless models

Oops, it can not be Bipasha. She is now with Karan Singh Grover and their relationship is still valid), Hrithik.and Sushmita God bless them and soothe. Both are well-walked

Sushmita. Krk tweeted yesterday that sush broke up with her 10th boyfriend

Sushmita Sen and Hrithik. Sush broke up with her boyfriend recently and is extremely fond of poetry. She even writes poems herself. And she's 5' 9.5" tall, certainly one of the tallest women in Bollywood.

Sushmita Sen and Hrithik Roshan.. I so want this Relationship to work out for Good.. These two has the ability to be the Hottest Couple of Bollywood by far .. Let's hope this comes True :D

Whats wrong with Hrithik? I was mad at Suzanne when they split. Now i feel she has done the right thing. But Suzanne is also not doing any good after split. Both of them are spoilt. No sympathy to any of them.

rekha is known for countless relationships...and armaan kohli is the guy.....they were seen kissing at a multiplex recently...

Hrithik and Bips

its katrina and hrithik for sure. rk is not interested to marry her and she wants to settle down asap. thats why she was crying at church and also news of kat rk breakup is doing the rounds

Sushmita and Hrithik??

as soon as deepika gets a movie with hrithik,she will dumpe ranveer,her fever towards ranbir is stillnt over,when journo asked"about tatto she answerd t dont know what ranveer thinks"best gf who is ready ti insult boyfriend.

i would beg to say that hrithik has a voracious apetite for women as well if he is hopping from one woman to another. they both sounds like they have met their match!

Hrithik and sushmita...she recently split with her boyfriend ritik bhasin

Every blind item is not about Deepika . She isnt fond of ghazals . Its Sushmita and HR , both are disasters in terms of relationships and stability

He was in a marriage for 12-13 years so you can't really call that a disaster, not in today's time anyway!

Hritrik Nargis

Deepika spotted at Tirumala Temple today , she clicked with golden clutch :) ( Ranveer's gift )

Yeah I saw this video too :) it's too cute :) she looks very beautiful in this yellow dress :)

I was thinking Tiger Shroff and someone...

Hirithik and bipasha

Its says beauty with brains..cannot be bipasha!

Hirithik and bipasha

If its really Sush and HR then they make one hell of a stunning pair...What a combination! I would like this pair to work out for long term!

a veracious appetite for men? that is both priyanka and deepika their list of bf is bigger than my shopping list, how can srk and ranveer be with them? do they have no shame?

I guess the same way any woman would want to be with Salman, Hrithik, Akshay for that matter. I think if you compare their number of GFs or affairs, you would get twice of not three times the number of men PC and DP have dated. It's disgusting to see comments like this, it's cool for a guy to have had many GFs but if a woman has dated more than 1-2 guys they are untouchable? regressive mentality! PV please post! -And yeas I resent the fact that this blind describes Sush in the way it does but doesn't talk about HRs numerous flings!!

haha lol

Kangana is not a beauty queen she is more of an acclaimed actress but then she is not even tall, the girl has modeling background for sure, also i ma sure the guy is hrithik the girl could be Deepika or Kat, PV please find out who broke up with their boyfriend recently???

Hrithik and kangana??? she's hardly tall!!! and when did her love life became colorful??? she slapped FIR on that pachouli guy and after that Suman person ran away in 6 months who will dated her??? crazy character she is, men like docile and elegant women no one like deepika not a big mouth broken record.

Deepika and hrithik they were kissing in a party and she's known for her man eater past when did she start to write gazals???? errrr!!!

Hi Kat :)

must be deepika

Hritrik and Nargis Fakhri :)

In fact some blind fans wants Deepveer's split.. You know Deepika spotted yesterday and she clicked with " golden clutch " on hands ..... ( Ranveer's gift ) .post this Pinkvilla pls have video .. Poor DP haters keep hating her :) but Deepveer is the best on off screen couple.. Post pls . Thanks

Hrithik for sure. I can't see him with Sush though. Unless, she is happy to be in an open marriage.

Sushmita Sen and Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik and Sushmita? but it's incredible! Hrithik recently commented on the rumors about him and Kangana, saying that between them there was nothing, but had an affair. Hrithik has no conscience, he uses the women, and then looks the victim in the media

I have a strong suspicion that this trio Khan .... Actor with gorgeous body - Salman Khan, the beauty of the brain - Aamir Khan, a beautiful hunk - SRK. What do you think the guys, I'm right? Please publish my comment!

Hrithilk - Sushmita - if its true what an amazingly good looking couple and will definitely be a hundred notches up for susmita sen who seems to have terrible taste in men

Light eyed hunk -Hrithik Roshan ; Tall lass & 'beauty with brains' (Femina's tag line for the Miss India Contests) is Sushmita Sen. She loves Urdu poetry , is very articulate & has a philosophical bend of mind. Recently split with her boyfriend of 2 years , Ritik Bhasin who owns Orion Entertainment & Mumbai's well known night club -Red Light. And she's famous for her love life ! How can this be poor Katrina who struggles at best with Hindi , let alone spouting off randomly in Urdu ...that too Shayari ?!!!!


I have a strong suspicion that this trio Khans .... Actor with gorgeous body - Salman Khan, the beauty of the brain - Aamir Khan, a beautiful hunk - SRK. What do you think the guys, I'm right

Sushmita Sen has a liking for poem, apparently there was a news that she often likes to read and write poetry during her spare time. On top of that she is tall and often considered a beauty with brain. It is Sushmita and Hrithik. Well they would look good together.

I have a strong suspicion that this trio Khans .... Actor with gorgeous body - Salman Khan, the beauty of the brain - Aamir Khan, a beautiful hunk - SRK. What do you think the guys, I'm right?

It sounds like Sushmita and Hrithik , yes. Appetite for men , love for poetry and beauty with brains all that indicates Sush. For the male part of it , they need not give any more clue. Kangana - not tall , Deepika - love for poetry/Gazals ? Naahh , Katrina - beauty with brains ??? Sush fits the clues.

Hrithik Bipasha

Hrithik Bipasha


Kangana - change her bf very often :)

So that was the plan. Sussanne separated from Hrithik because there were long time rumours about an affair with Katrina, also Rajeev Masand told it in an blind item, so Hrithik and katrina simply waited as long as it needs to blame Sussanne for the separation and not him and now they can be together without anyone would blaming them as reasons.



Hrithik n sushmita!

Sush has split from her 15th true love

Bipasha who recently split with KSG with Neil nitin mukash

Rithick and bipasha

I think it's either Bipasha

I think it's either Bipasha

a voracious appetite for men ، kat with (salman, jhon,akshay, ranbir,hirtik )

Hrithik, Sushmita

rekha and uday chopra...that was easy

u made my day. I am laughing like a mad woman.


ha ha ha ha..boy, you are funny...

Except Uday doesn't have light eyes! :) Else you were bang on!

your reply is all awesomeness.

its a very tough blind item...

a voracious appetite for men? that's deepika.

a voracious appetite for men? that's KATRINA

How can you think its Katrina? Love for shayaris and ghazals? No.

she changes boyfriends the way we change our clothes,??? Deepika

She's dated Ranveer for like 3 years now. I guess that means we all change our clothes once every three years.

she changes boyfriends the way we change our clothes,??? KATRINA

Hritik Roshan and Sushmita Sen. Sush has had an endless number of affairs. No doubt she's a beauty with brains.

light-eyed actor with the magnificent body whise single ready to mingle is hirtik roshan and She tells us that the tall lass and the beauty with brain katrina kaif - who just split from her boyfriend i, and the handsome hunk is rk which we have read a days ago split news of her with rk lol.


world's all blind items are not only for deepika!! and she is not split with her man.......

Kangna & Irrfan ?

lol..kangna is not tall and irfan dont have magnificient body

kangana claims she is 5'8 which i believe is tall.. she looks short for some reason in comparison to other 5'8 women like bipasha.

Hirtik, katrina, ranbir

ya sure this blind item is about threesome...

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